Check with your director regarding the location of registration. Dorm registration is usually from 8:30 am - 9:30 am on the first day of camp. Hotels may require you to store luggage until rooms are ready after 5:00pm. Remember that schedules may vary slightly from campus to campus so check times as soon as you arrive at camp and inform parents of all important performance and meeting times or print out a sample schedule from out web site (

At a 3-day camp on a college campus, the meals go from lunch of Day #1 to lunch of Day #3. Some campuses will offer lunch on a cash basis, while others will have several fast food restaurants bordering the campus. Hotel camps will include 3 lunches and 2 dinners, while breakfasts will be on their own. Please encourage your team members to eat all three meals daily to help fuel their bodies for their intense days of workouts. No meals will be included at commuter camps unless specified.

Your family and friends are invited to observe Home Routine Night on the first evening of camp as well as All American auditions (last afternoon of camp) and Final Evaluation on the last day of camp. Please check with your director for the exact times and location. 

Cancellations and refund requests must be made in writing. For those cancellations received later than 14 days prior to camp, no refunds or credits will be issued. All deposits are non-refundable, and no refunds will be issued prior to September 1st. No refunds will be issued at camp. IMPORTANT: If canceling within 14 days of Day 1 of camp, you will be charged a fee of up to $175 per person. (see registration form for costs) If you have only paid a deposit, your school will be invoiced for the balance.

Bring your own pillow, bed linens, towels, soap and personal items, as they are not provided by the University. Students staying in a hotel need not bring these items. You may want to bring a thermos for water. No ice chests are allowed in the dorms. Do not forget an alarm clock and a cover up to wear to and from classes (shorts, warm-up). Officers should bring a pad and pen to workshops to take notes. (The head officer will receive an Officer Handbook CD with reference material for classes and workshops (officer/leadership camp only). See refrigerator order form for SMU.

Bring plenty of comfortable clothing to work out in and proper footwear such as tennis shoes.  You may want to bring knee pads for routines that include floor work.

Any charges you incur at the University Health Center or local medical service will either be YOUR'S OR YOUR DIRECTOR'S responsibility. Please bring an insurance card to camp.

Please complete and return your medical form to your director before camp (except for SMU, Centenary and EMPORIA STATE--see director for special forms). There is new Liability form for SMU. Please make sure that you have completed this and returned to your director. The director will turn it in at camp registration. 

American Dance/Drill Team® will have T-shirts, patches, etc. for sale at our Camp Store. We will have a special Officer T-shirt as well as many new designs. Prices will be as follows: T-shirts: $10 Patches: $5

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