What sets ADTS® apart from other companies?
We pride ourselves in being the first in the US to present a team camp, first for an officer camp, first for private camps, and first for custom curriculum.  We continue to uphold our quality through an experienced dance staff, professional sound equipment, exceptional indoor air conditioned teaching facilities for all classes, quality audio and Visual Notes DVDs, and knowledgeable office staff that can guide you and meet all of your dance/drill team needs.  Just ask other directors, you will hear that American Dance/Drill Team® represents quality and professionalism in every way as Customer Service is our priority. We offer innovative Director Workshops, Team Building activities to inspire your dancers, plus the top Dance Master Classes from noted choreographers from around the country Click here to read "WHY CHOOSE AMERICAN".

Most of my team will be new members. Will technique classes  be offered?
Dance and kick technique classes are offered at each camp site. Some of these will be offered the first morning of camp while the directors are involved with registration. For the beginning dancers, a special introduction to dance technique class will be taught so that learning will be made easier throughout the camp.  Routines are offered on all levels of ability and you have the choice to either keep all team members together or divide to learn more routines.

I want advanced material for my team.  What curriculum should I choose?
Advanced material is offered at each camp.  However, we recommend that you might consider a custom or custom/combo curriculum so that you can choose the style and ability level of your routines as well as requesting specific instructors. Some camps will offer two or more custom routines FREE. See our Summer Camp page for details. 

Do we have to do a home routine to receive awards at camp?
Teams may elect not to do a Home Routine and still have the chance to earn a Diamond Super Sweepstakes Award by choosing from Pep Rally Routine, a second Dance, or Marching Evaluation. American Dance offers a "Ruby Sweepstakes" for performing two routines for evaluation and a "Sapphire Sweepstakes" for performing one routine at evaluation.
See the links for Officer Camp or Team Camp Awards.


Do we have to stay in the dorm on campus or may we stay in a hotel and commute?
Several camp sites offer alternate lodging at a hotel or resort.  In most cases the cost is very close or just above the cost of staying in the dorm.  Why not enjoy the benefits of maid service, pool, TV, private bath, and more!

Can my managers attend camp?
YES!  In fact, we offer a special Managers Training Program at select camp sites that provide daily workshops on leadership, organization, first aid skills and motivation.  Managers receive a handbooks, T-shirt, bag, markers, scissors wrap tape, and other useful supplies.  This program will motivate your managers to be a productive and integral part of your team operations.  This curriculum is offered at SMU and Richardson Renaissance Hotel camps.


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