A. While at camp have the team select a member of the day and tell why, then present the member with a special ribbon or small gift
B. Have the team set goals for themselves before arriving at camp and then remind them of their goals during camp to check their progress
C. Make out the camp certificates with each girl's name and present them on the last night of camp

Hold Evening Meetings
A. Announcements for the upcoming day
B. Share positive comments
C. Vote on Member of the Day

Explain awards before camp and review while at camp

Bring a boom box for practice time and perhaps a laptop so that you can review the Visual Notes DVD.

Have your home routine CD labeled clearly and have recorded professionally for best results. Bring a back up CD for home routine.  Bring a couple of blank CD's in case you want to record guest choreography music.

For final evaluation, have your camp CD clearly labeled with your school name.

Have the girls bring water jugs labeled with their names

As a director, you may wish to bring a light sweater to wear while watching routines.  The facilities are often times quite cool.  Bring workout clothes to join in the fun of learning some of the routines!

Remind the girls of good eating habits to utilize before and during camps.

Remind the girls to drink plenty of water.

Work on stamina and conditioning before camp to prepare for many hours of learning and performing at camp.

Remind girls (staying in the dorm) to bring a drinking cup for water, trash sack, and shower shoes to protect your feet while showering.

Bring a roll of quarters or dollar bills for snacks and soft drinks.

Bring an alarm clock!!

Bring patience and understanding.  Remember this is the most rigorous schedule the girls will have all year.

You might want to bring a clip on reading light for nighttime reading.  Most dorm rooms only have bright overhead lighting.

Some groups will bring a DVD player or laptop to review the VISUAL NOTES.

Don't forget bed and bath linens if you are staying in the dorm!! You may want to bring a foam mattress cushion if you accustomed to a soft bed.  


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