The following sequences are used for Miss High Kick and Kick company at our summer camps, one day workshops and is also the kick sequences used at our National Championships for the Happy Feet Miss American High Kick. We have added a junior level kick series as well as a senior level series Please take time to go over the kick series for memory purposes prior to the kick off.

An instructor will go over the series following camp dance on the first morning of camp and the series will also be quickly reviewed prior to the kick off at Nationals.  The kick off will take place either after Home Routine Evaluation or after All American Auditions, depending on the camp schedule.  The time and date of the Happy Feet Miss American High Kick competition at Nationals will have preliminaries on Friday evening of Nationals, around 8:00pm and the finalists and winner will be presented on Saturday evening at the awards ceremony. The competition at Lone Star State Championship, please check the final schedule for times. Please check dates and times on our Contest Season page under Nationals.

We are proud that Happy Feet Boots sponsors our
National Competition Happy Feet Miss High Kick Awards.
See the Contest page for dates for Nationals.


Learn the Kick Series before State or Nationals

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Watch video of the Kick Series
Music for Kick Series "Fashionista"
Kick Series
8 Around the World (Right leg); close on 7
8 Around the World (Left leg); close on 7
88 Kick 6 X (JKR, JKL, JKR, JKL, JKR, JKL) pivot w/left foot to back (5-6); hook up on 7-8
88 Repeat to the back; ending series facing front
88 Step swings ("Exercise Kicks") 4 times in place; step left kick right first.
8 Jump fans to right 3 times, close on 7
8 Jump fans to left 3 times; close on 7

What the Judges are looking for when watching for your kick technique:

 Judging behind the line:
  • Watching for the back to be straight and the hips to stay parallel to the floor
Watching from the side of the line:
  • Checking for proximity of leg to body
  • Extension of leg and foot
  • Check for forward head movement during kicks
Watching from the front:
  • Check the support foot- should not have much turnout
  • Check the hip for over-lift
  • Check the kicks for alignment at 12:00 o'clock
  • Check the extension of the foot
  • Check the 'prep' (small movement; smooth)
  • Check for head placement and control
  • Fans: Full rotation/ timing/ extension of feet and knee
Please Note:
  • All staff will check for technique first, and then height  
  • The height should not distract from good technique  
  • Height is important but it is not exclusive criteria when judging for 
    Miss High Kick and Kick Company

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