It is our goal at American Dance, to offer a curriculum where learning is the first priority, and making sure that you are receiveing Educational Value for your money. Our staff goes through extensive training to prepare each summer for camps, and our top quality Visual Notes DVD will allow you to resource great routines all season long. Directors will have educational workshops that will provide innovative ideas that will make your season a success. We will include daily team building activities, individual and group awards that add incentive for your dancers to perform at their best. Directors will be inspired by the creative workshops, useful and fun door prizes, and special incentives while at camp. As always, if you have any questions about our curriculum, please do not hesitate to call our office: 254-947-0613, 800-462-5719 or email.

At American Dance/Drill Team®, we are always concerned for well-being of your team. For their health and safety, all classes are in indoor air conditioned facilities.

Team Camp (Regular Curriculum)
Offers a variety of routine styles and ability levels from our Visual Notes DVD that includes over 40 routines, pllus the 'walk through' for easy learning. Directors will preview the routines in advance of camp, choosing the routines that will best fit their team's needs. Students may stay together as a team or divide to learn more routines, but directors will keep the Visual Notes to resource all year. Our staff will offer a positive and constructive atmosphere that will leave your team feeling confident and proficient in new skills.

Custom Team Curriculum
Custom camp is the ideal format to suit the teams that have an individualized style or seek unique or challenging choreography. Directors may choose one to four routines to be custom choreographed for their team and receive individual one on one instruction in addition to taking home the Visual Notes routine videos with our Feature Routines. Each instructor will take a personal interest in your team and eagerly nurture their growth while at camp. For custom routines, please make sure to complete the form and return to the ADTS office at least 3 weeks in advance of your custom camp.

Custom Combo Camps
This curriculum offers the best of both worlds. Teams may choose two, three or four custom routines in addition to learning Feature Routines with other campers. At these camps, as in all other camps, students will have a noted Guest Dance Master that will present a dance workshop for a challenge as well as enjoyment on the second night of camp. For custom routines, please make sure to complete the form and return to the ADTS office at least 3 weeks in advance of your custom camp.

Officer/Social Officer Camp
Officer and Social Officer Curriculum is designed by American Dance/Drill Team® to offer the ultimate training for your dance officers and social officers. Not only will they learn challenging routines but will have choreography and leadership workshops that will inspire them to be great team leaders. We have the top level staff that have vast experience in choreography, leadership, and technique so that your team is in the ultimate learning environment.

Our three day curriculum for officers includes 16 fabulous routines that differs from the team camp curriculum, that will give an intensive format to motivate your officers as leaders for your team throughout the season, without a competitive atmosphere. Evaluation is offered for Home Routine (optional) and Creative Choreography, and an option to be evaluated on the Camp Dance. This puts the emphasis on learning instead of competing. The social officers will also have a full curriculum including learning the camp dance, the social officer dance, and workshops on every aspect of being a good social officer, wrapping up with their final display project for evaulation.

Private Camp
Is a great alternative to going away to camp because of personalized instruction as well as cost savings. Each school is presented with a custom bid that will include your selection of 4 to 9 routines from our Feature Routines on our Visual Notes routine videos, in addition to one FREE custom routine for a three day camp and two FREE custom routines for a four day camp. This insures that your team will be taught material that is pre-selected by you and will be utilized throughout your season. Our professional staff will contact each director to personalize the details of your camp. For custom routines, please make sure to complete the form and return to the ADTS office at least 3 weeks in advance of your private camp.

Elementary and Middle School camps Camps
Have been presented by ADTS®  for over 40 years. We have a staff that is trained to understand and present the needs of elementary and junior teams and present effective material in a positive atmosphere for camps. We work with you to design a camp especially for your team's needs.


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