If you are new to American Dance/Drill Team® or a veteran, we want you to completely understand the special format for our Officer Camp Curriculum. Our Officer Routines are routines that are choreographed and taught by the most talented dance specialists in the country and will offer a greater level of difficulty than the routines offered at team curriculum. We strive to present the most challenging and exciting material for your leaders. Our special instructors are technicians that will emphasize superior technique along with sharpening presentation, performance and leadership skills.

In addition to routines, the staff will offer workshops that will build enthusiasm and confidence in your officers by teaching them choreography classes, problem solving, kick and stretching technique, polishing a routine and more. We also offer special technique classes in jazz, tap, lyrical, and modern.

 At designated times in the schedule, we will offer a 'Guest Dance Master" workshops that will be taught in a "masters class" format including a warm-up, traveling patterns and some challenging dance combinations that will provide fun and relaxation for your officers.  These dance and choreography specialists are the top in their field and come from around the country.

Social Officers will have their own curriculum and be able to learn event planning, calendar organization, scrap booking, organizing on the computer, team building and leadership. They will also have their own evaluation at the end of the camp where their projects and assignments will be displayed and evaluated by the staff. They may also bring a home routine if they like, but they are not required. The social officers will learn a special dance that they will 'show off' as a group at evaluation, but not receive scores. The staff will choose a "Grand Champion Social Officers" group as well as an "All American Social Officers" group and "Most Admired Social Officers" to be presented at the awards ceremony. These awards will be based on their participation in class, preparation before camp, as well as their displays on the last day of camp. The staff will also choose "Outstanding Social Officer" awards to top indivudals at camp. Those social officers wishing to audition for All American, Honorable Mention and Miss High Kick are also eligible for these individual awards.

Officer Award Recognition

We have revised our Camp Evaluation to better fit the needs of every team and director at both our team and officer camps.  You will have the opportunity to select your level of evaluation from the following choices: Diamond, Ruby, and Sapphire. 
If you choose the Sapphire level evaluation, your officers will be evaluated on one routine during camp, and be eligible to earn a Sapphire Sweepstakes

If you choose the Ruby level evaluation, your officers will be evaluated on two routines during camp, and be eligible to earn a Ruby Sweepstakes

If you choose the Diamond level evaluation, your officers will be evaluated on three routines during camp, and be eligible to earn a Diamond Super Sweepstakes

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Evaluation for Dance Officers

HOME ROUTINE EVALUATION is the first night of camp and a time to show-off a routine from home. It does not need to be creative or novel, yet something the team feels they like to do best. Instructors will select top teams for the HOME ROUTINE AWARD, which will be announced at the Awards Ceremony. The team will receive an award and a ribbon for each team member. Home Routine is part of the Officer Evaluation, but is not required.

CAMP DANCE EVALUATION will be held on the final day of camp. There will be two panels of judges: one evaluating your officers on the camp dance as a group; the other will evaluate your dancers individually for All American, Honorable Mention, Jr All American and Dance Company.

CREATIVE CHOREOGRAPHY EVALUATION will be held on the final day of camp. This will be a chance for your girls to perform, as an officer line, a dance they have created as a group. Officers will be evaluated on a Standard of Excellence (not competing against other teams), for a Div .I (Superior), Div .II (Excellent), or Div .III (Good) rating. Original choreography is the second portion of Officer Evaluation-All teams evaluated will receive cassette tapes with oral comments from the judges.

We will no longer offer evaluation on a learned routine. This will allow the focus of the group to lean towards learning and not require so much rehearsal time at camp.

SPECIAL AWARDS- MOST ADMIRED TEAM OF THE DAY will be recognized each evening as each line will vote for their choice daily. Each member of the team selected will receive a ribbon to wear proudly the remainder of the week. On Evaluation Day, teams will vote for their MOST ADMIRED TEAM OF THE WEEK, which will receive an award and a ribbon for each member. Other awards include "Best Overall Technique," "Best Overall Precision," "Most Improved," "Spirit of ADTS."

The staff may select an ALL AMERICAN OFFICERS® OF THE DAY / WEEK for their excellent discipline, performance, and personal enthusiasm. Each officer will receive a ribbon, and the team of the week will receive an award for this special recognition.

The staff may select a GUSSIE NELL DAVIS OFFICERS OF THE DAY/WEEK for their improvement, unity , and hard work. Each officer will receive a ribbon, and the team of the week will receive an award for this special recognition. Officer groups will be awarded special recognition for Best Overall Choreography and Best Overall Technique.

Directors will each receive a special American Directors University certificate, documenting the classroom and activity hours spent at the camp that can count towards teacher in-service hours for many school districts.

Selected officer groups will be awarded GRAND CHAMPION OFFICERS, as well as the very top officer line chosen as ALL AMERICAN OFFICERS®. These groups are selected on outstanding discipline, personal enthusiasm and performance throughout the week. These awards will be special etched crystal awards to proudly display back home. Awards will also be given to outstanding Social Officer groups.

Officer Camp Individual Recognition 

In each of our line camp dance classes, instructors will award a RED OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT IN DANCE ribbon to students displaying outstanding dance technique, as well as quick learning skills. They may receive only one.

A TEAL OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT ribbon may be awarded in some classes when the staff has taken special notice to attitude, enthusiasm or extra effort. They may receive more than one.

A PINK EXCEPTIONAL ACHIEVEMENT IN DANCE ribbon may be awarded to students who have already received a red ribbon. They may receive more than one.

Directors will be issued three ribbons to award to present a SPECIAL AWARD to a student who has given that extra effort at camp. 

At the final awards ceremony, instructors will award an elite number of students a GOLD ALL AMERICAN DANCE COMPANY® ribbon and acrylic award for exceptionally talented dancers displaying outstanding technique. Also, a "Kick Off” will be held for any girl at camp to compete for MISS HIGH KICK.  All finalists will receive a special GREEN ALL AMERICAN KICK COMPANY® ribbon. All Kick Company recipients will be invited to compete at the National Championship for "Happy Feet Miss American High Kick." Dancers receiving Gold or Green Ribbons will be invited to perform with the All American Dance/Drill Team on our special trips, including the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade™ and the Bowl Games.

Top young women will be nominated for the All American Dance/Drill Team®, All American Honorable Mention and Junior All American Drill Team at each camp. Auditions for these honor groups will be held the night before the final day of camp. Any girl that has received a white ribbon by audition time is eligible to try out with the Camp Dance, which will be taught the first day of camp. Recipients will be announced on the final day of camp at the Awards Ceremony and will receive a ribbon for their recognition. The camp routine is a standard routine taught at all of our officer camps in order to evaluate all girls on an equal basis at officer camp sites.

The OUTSTANDING PERFORMERS, chosen by the staff for their exceptional talent, effort, and leadership, will be announced at the Awards Ceremony.


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