If your deposit is received after that three week deadline, there will be a $25 per person late fee charged to us by the university. Please add this to your balance. Please make sure to request your check early.

Please notify our office
IMMEDIATELY if you plan to arrive a day early for any camp. Early arrival times are 4:00 to 7:00 pm ONLY. No exceptions. Early arrivals are $25 per person and that only applies to Emporia State. All other camps must refer to the extra night charge that varies from hotel to hotel.

The balance is due prior to your summer camp, to be paid for in one check from your school account, or we are required to add state and local tax. Please include your tax exempt form with the check. If your school requires an invoice to issue a check, please contact our office at least two weeks prior to your camp and one can be faxed to you.


MEDICAL FORMS: For some camps, you may duplicate the medical form for each of your team members and keep them with you at all times. SMU and Emporia students must use the forms that have been enclosed in your packet . Please make sure each student completes the appropriate medical form and bring all forms with you to camp to present at registration.

At American Dance/Drill Team®, we are always concerned for well-being of your team. For their health and safety, all classes are in indoor air conditioned facilities. At SMU, there will be a trainer on duty during class times. At all other camps, please be prepared to treat any injuries at off site medical clinic or hospital. You must have a medical release form for each student in order for them to be treated. Encourage all students to bring a copy of their insurance card with them as all medical treatment will be the responsibility of the student or student's parents.

REGISTRATION: Please make note of the times, locations, etc. mentioned on the enclosed forms for registration. At most camps, classes will begin at 8:30 or 9:00am with the opening meeting and Camp Dance/Dance Technique Class on the first day. Please bring all medical forms and liability forms (SMU and Empria only) with you to registration.

CANCELLATIONS: Please notify the office immediately of any cancellations or changes. Cancellations and refund requests must be made IN WRITING. For those cancellations received later than 14 days prior to camp, no refunds or credits will be issued. All deposits are non-refundable, and no refunds will be issued prior to September 1st. NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED AT CAMP. If the fees are paid by the school, all refund checks must be made payable to the school and not an individual.

IMPORTANT: If canceling within 14 days of Day 1 of camp, you will be charged the fee of $175 per person. If you have not pre-paid the entire amount, you will be invoiced for the difference. All cancellations must be made in writing (e-mail to no refunds can be made if cancelling within 7 days of the camp.

Custom Routines: If you plan to request and purchase custom choreography at your camp, you must have the music sent to the instructor at least 3 weeks prior to the camp in order for them to have ample time to prepare your choreography. Please make sure you have checked your music on for any inappropriate words or phrases so that all editing can be made before it is sent to the instructor. Any editing that must be made after the music is sent will require extra charges. We ask that the music be emailed directly to either the office or the instructor. Contact the office if you need any information on your instructor.

WHAT TO BRING: Students staying in campus dorms will need to bring sheets, towels, pillows, linens, soap, and toiletries to camp. Hotel campers do not need any linens. YOUR SCHOOL WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED BY YOUR STUDENTS TO THE DORM OR HOTELS. Students will need to bring appropriate dancewear and footwear for daily classes and any dance attire required by their director and team for class and evaluation.

SCHEDULE: Remind your team members of the rigorous schedule, and come to camp in good condition ready to work and learn. This will help avoid injury. They may want to bring a small thermos for water, so they can consume plenty of liquids. Ice chests are not allowed in the dorms. Make sure all have proper footwear for both indoor dance classes that will include gym floors as well as carpet in hotels. Some routines may contain floor work where they could utilize knee pads for protection. Some campuses and hotels require check out by 11:00am. Please be prepared to store luggage or load early prior to Final Evaluation. At hotels, check in is after 3:00 pm and check out is by 11:00am unless otherwise arranged. (See individual schedules)

MEALS: Please note that the meals at college camps go from lunch of Day #1 to lunch of Day #3 (2 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 2 dinners). Some campuses will offer meals on a cash basis, while others will have several fast food restaurants bordering the campus. Hotel camps will include 3 lunches and 2 dinners, while breakfasts will be on their own. Some hotels will have quick pick up breakfast items for puorchase. Please encourage your team members to eat all three meals daily to help fuel their bodies for their intense days of workouts. No meals will be included at commuter camps unless specified.

AWARDS: Read over the "Line Awards and Evaluation" and "Officer Awards and Evaluation" to better prepare you and your team for camp procedures. 

PERSONAL VIDEOS/Laptops: You are welcome to video the workshops, home routine night, final evaluation, etc. Directors may want to bring a laptop to review the Visual Notes DVD while at camp. Some of the Director Workshops may involve your iPad or smart tablet, if you have one.

LARGE PROPS: Please tape or pad all large props in order to protect the floor. You will be responsible for any damages.

Please duplicate the Student Confirmation Sheet for each member of your team! 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office. We are here year 'round to assist you with your drill team needs. 254-947-0613, 800462-5719 or by E-mail.


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