Welcome officers and congratulations on being selected to lead your team.  With that great accomplishment comes great responsibility and we have included some articles to help you better understand and make the most out of your position.  Remember to stay positive and we wish you the very best of luck with the year!

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Yellow Star Dance & Kick Technique

Liturgical Dance Tips for Good Technique
High Kick Technique Analyzing Movement
Polishing a Routine Dance Vocabulary
Pronunciation Guide

Yellow Star Choreography & Music

Adaptive Choreography Beginning Choreography
Charting Music Choreography Checklist
Dancing Like a Lady Football Field Spacing 
Formations  Traveling Patterns 
Selecting Music Creativity & Visual Props
Shortcuts for Props, etc. Drill Team Choreography

Yellow Star Officer Leadership

Willing to Take Advice Peace with Imperfection
Officer Goals Successful Officers
Importance of Discipline Drill Team Terms
Words of Wisdom How to Be A Champion
Leadership & Discipline Leader's Do's & Don'ts
Officer Job Description  

Yellow Star Motivation & Team Building

Our Team Some Beliefs I Cherish
Everybody Knows Instructions for Life
Motivational Guidelines Reactive vs. Responsive
Welcome to Real Life Team Building Activities
Bottom Line Personal Responsibility

Yellow Star Organization & Time Management

Teaching Drill Teams Football Game Organization
Problem Solving Public Relations
Rehearsal Organization Time Management

Yellow Star Stretching & Warm-Up

15 Ways Exercise Helps Dance Injuries
Fitness for the Dancer Self-Esteem & Exercise
Power Stretching Warming Up Properly

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