Our Weekly Message for April 21, 2004

Greetings special friends,

Tryouts and Spring Shows for dance/drill teams and pom squads are bustling around the country. This is the time of year that generates excitement to wrap up a successful season and then make a fresh start for the coming year. For ideas for tryouts or spring shows, visit our Education Support Page. For information about summer camps for officers, social officers, teams and individuals, visit our ADTS Summer Camps page. Directors can pre-register their teams for camp by signing up for the Directors Corner, which is a free service and area for all dance/drill team directors and coaches.

Here are some thoughts for the day:
"Do the common thing in an uncommon way." Booker T. Washington (1856-1915) educator
"The sweetest of all sounds is praise." Xenophon (c. 431-253 B.C.) Historian
"Nothing lowers the level of conversation more than raising the voice." Stanley Horowitz
"Anxiety is a thin stream of fear trickling through the mind. If encouraged, it cuts a channel into which all other thoughts are drained."
Arthur Somers Roche (1883-1935) novelist and playwright

The announcement of who makes the team is victorious for some and traumatic for others. Because each candidate is so eager to be a part of the team, it seems a shame to send them off with nothing when they have not made the team and worked so hard during tryouts. To make the results a little more personal, make an envelope for each team member with her name or number on the outside. The candidates that make the team will find a symbol (heart for sweethearts, bell for belles, boot for drill team, etc.) made out of construction paper that they can wear to school the next day. For those that do not make it, you might include a personal letter of thanks and the poem below. The students line up behind their envelopes in the gym or dance studio and can gather with friends or go to the side by themselves to open their envelope. I think that this is a more personal touch for each dancer. It is also a reassurance that
tomorrow will be a brighter day.

Have a wonderful week, and, as always, please keep in touch.

Joyce E. Pennington
President, CEO
American Dance/Drill Teamฎ


by Helene Lewis Coffer

Lord, you have taught me to accept defeat,
To taste the bitter with the sweet,
Knowing the longest night brings hopeful dawn,
I gather up the pieces and go on.
Now, let your Spirit tell me how to treat
A child whose dreams lie broken at her feet;
How to share the hard earned wisdom with the calm,
The confidence, to be her sore heart's balm?
She's tender, Lord. Her hurts hurt more than mine.
She's young, and thinks the sun will never shine.
Just yesterday, she laughed, and walked in clover.....
Teach her tomorrow is for starting over.


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