Our Weekly Letter for March 1, 2001

This week has been a variance of weather across the country. While we were getting ready for spring time with 70º weather in Texas, we are blind sided with freezing temperatures and strong wind chills! Hope you are staying warm.

Last weekend had a successful Texas State High School championship in Austin 
and another great event in Houston. Click here to view the results. This week we are off to Galveston and Ponca City, Oklahoma. You can check out the contest schedules linked on our home page.

Here is a thought for the day again from Stephen R. Covey:
"You can buy people's hands, but you can't buy their hearts. Their hearts are where their enthusiasm, their loyalty is. You can buy their backs, but you can't buy their brains. That's where their creativity is, their ingenuity, their resourcefulness."

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Line Online. We also have many resource articles on our Educational Support 

Dr. Don Williams knows how much the computer means to each of us and sent me 
the prayer below that lets us know how much we depend on it in our daily lives. Hope you enjoy the Computer Prayer below. 

Have a great week, and as always, please keep in touch!

Joyce E. Pennington
President, CEO
American Dance/Drill Team®

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Past Weekly Messages

Dear Lord: 

Every single evening 
As I'm lying here in bed 
This tiny little prayer 
Keeps running through my head. 

God bless my mom and dad, 
And other family. 
Keep them warm and safe from harm 
For they're so close to me. 

And God, there is one more thing 
I wish that you could do. 
Hope you don't mind me asking, 
Bless my computer too. 

Now I know that it's not normal 
To bless a mother board, 
But listen just a second 
While I explain to you 'My Lord'. 

You see, that little metal box 
Holds more than odds & ends 
Inside those small compartments 
Rest so many of my FRIENDS. 

I know so much about them 
By the kindness that they give 
And this little scrap of metal 
Takes me in to where they live. 

By faith is how I know them 
Much the same as you 
We share in what life brings us 
And from that our friendship grew. 

Please, take an extra minute 
From your duties up above 
To bless those in my address book 
That's filled with so much love! 

Wherever else this prayer may reach 
To each and every friend, 
Bless each email inbox 
And the person who hits send. 

When you update your heavenly list 
On your own CD-Rom 
Remember each who've said this prayer 
Sent up to God.com. 



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