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Dear friends,
We are just back from a great national convention with DTDA and full steam 
ahead for summer camps. This year has flown by so fast that I can hardly 
believe that summer is a few weeks away. Congratulations to Ruth Flynn for 
being honored by the DTDA membership as an Honorary Lifetime Member. Also, 
congratulations to Danese Fondren and Marsha Fields as nominees for this 
honor.  www.DTDA.org
Many of you are holding tryouts and may want to pass along the special 
poem/prayer listed below to those who didn't make the team. I started this 
tradition back in 1976 when I directed at Lakeview Centennial HS in Garland, 
and many have adopted it as their special tryout tradition as well. Don't 
forget to check out the many support articles on our web site about tryouts 
and other topics. You can find them on The Line Online and the Educational 
Support Page. 
Summer Camps are filling quickly! If you have not pre-registered, requested a private camp bid, or received a camp brochure, please call or E-mail us today! Or, find our bid request form and camp registration form online at our web site.
Well, I have to tell you that this week I will be a half a century old and I am so happy that God has blessed me with good health and to feel only a quarter century old! I look forward to the next half century in this new millennium and to continue to try to make a difference for thousands of young people through our industry.
May you continue to have a great week and as always, please stay in touch.
Joyce E. Pennington, Pres. CEO
and the ADTS Office Staff

The announcement of who makes the team is victorious for some and traumatic for others. Because each candidate is so anxious to be a part of the team, it seems a shame to send them off with nothing when they have not made the team and worked so hard during tryouts. To make the results a little more personal, make an envelope for each team member with her name or number on the outside. The candidates that make the team will find a symbol (heart for sweethearts, bell for belles, boot for drill team, etc.) made out of construction paper that they can wear to school the next day. For those that do not make it, you might include a personal letter of thanks and the following poem:
by Helene Lewis Coffer 
Lord, you have taught me to accept defeat,
To taste the bitter with the sweet,
Knowing the longest night brings hopeful dawn, I gather up the pieces and go on.
Now, let your Spirit tell me how to treat
A child whose dreams lie broken at her feet;
How to share the hard earned wisdom with the calm, The confidence, to be her sore heart's balm?
She's tender, Lord. Her hurts hurt more than mine.
She's young, and thinks the sun will never shine.
Just yesterday, she laughed, and walked in clover.....
Teach her tomorrow is for starting over.


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