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The topic of the day has been the history making presidential election here in our country. Continue to pray for our new leadership, whomever that might be.

Take a few moments for yourself. Whether you do yoga, meditation, prayer or just taking a few minutes for relaxing thoughts, make sure that you take 5-10 minutes each day for this all important quiet time that will certainly lower your stress. I thought that I would not have the time in my busy schedule, but I am learning to make the time.

I have added several new articles to our web site both on the Educational Support Page and The Line Online. Make sure to visit today if you have not visited lately:

Here are a few more helpful hints for you and your team from Jots from Joyce:
JJ #57-- When you have your line tryouts, check with one of your local pep supplies and purchase large, plain plastic nametags that numbers can be written on with a Sharpie pen. Have candidates wear these nametags each day so that you and officers will learn their names. If you use numbers at tryouts instead of names, you can order plain plastic 4" circle nametags that you can make 'permanent' numbers to distribute and take up after tryouts. They will be seen easier and stay attached easier than paper ones. 
JJ # 58--Effective discipline is difficult these days with the constant challenge of rules & regulations. Try a "peer court" where a panel of drill team members, supervised by a school administrator, decides the fate of the member that has violated a drill team rule. Punishment could range from a public apology to the team, clean out and inventory prop room, to sitting in study hall for a week. (Make sure to have this approved through your school administration.)

Attention soloists! If you do not have a Miss Dance/Drill Team USA preliminary competition in your state, you could represent your state in the 2001 Miss Dance/Drill Team USA Pageant. Just make a video tape of your 2 minute routine and send in. You could be selected to represent your state in Miss Dance/Drill Team USA in Los Angeles, April 20-21, 2001. For more information, e-mail them at: mddtusa@email.msn.com

Forgiveness is a great virtue that can certainly relieve stress. Find out more about forgiveness in the passage below. 

Have a great week and, as always, please stay in touch!

Joyce E. Pennington
President, CEO
American Dance/Drill Team®

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Decide to Forgive 

Decide to forgive
For resentment is negative
Resentment is poisonous
Resentment diminishes and devours the self.
Be the first to forgive,
To smile and to take the first step.
And you will see happiness bloom
On the face of your human brother or sister.
Be always the first
Do not wait for others to forgive
For by forgiving
You become the master of fate
The fashioner of life
The doer of miracles.
To forgive is the highest,
Most beautiful form of love.
In return you will receive 
Untold peace and happiness.
Here is the program for achieving a truly forgiving heart:
Sunday: Forgive yourself.
Monday: Forgive your family.
Tuesday: Forgive your friends and associates.
Wednesday: Forgive across economic lines within your own nation.
Thursday: Forgive across cultural lines within your own nation.
Friday: Forgive across political lines within your own nation.
Saturday: Forgive other nations.

Only the brave know how to forgive. 
A coward never forgives. 
It is not in his nature.

"Forgiveness is the fragrance of the violet that clings fast to the heel 
that crushed it." --George Roemisch


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