Our Weekly Message for January 15, 2003

Greetings special friends,

While our friends in the Midwest and Northwest are getting an arctic blast this week, we will be off to South Padre Island for our first contest of the year. Click here to  view the schedule for the Jr. South Padre Island Festival. It will be the first year that we have separated this contest and our Gussie Nell Davis Classic (Feb. 1 and 22) into two different weekends for junior teams and high school teams because of their enormous growth!

Directors are signing up in multitudes for our Director's Corner to pre-register for contests online. Directors make sure to sign up today!

We had a wonderful convention in Houston this past weekend at the Texas Dance Educators Association. Special congratulations go to Mitzi Phillips from Langham Creek HS for Director of the year and Cathy Arellano and Pat Clark for Hall of Fame.

Here are some thoughts for the day:

Some people are more turned on by money than they are by love. In one respect they're alike. They are both wonderful as long as they last." Abigail Van Buren

In society it is etiquette for ladies to have the best chairs and get handed things. In the home, the reverse is the case. That is why ladies are more sociable than gentlemen." Virginia Graham

Laziness may appear attractive but work gives satisfaction." Anne Frank

We are delighted with the success of the Rockettes Experience in Texas and around the country. There are still classes available by visiting the Rockettes section on our web site.

In order to make changes in our life for the better, we have to start within ourselves to make a difference that will show on the outside. This week, there is a passage below from Stephen R. Covey and his book Daily Reflections for Highly Effective People. It is a short passage of inspiration for all of us.

May you have a wonderful week, and, as always, please keep in touch.


Joyce E. Pennington
President, CEO
American Dance/Drill Team®


Inside Out
by Stephen R. Covey

The "Inside-Out" approach to personal and interpersonal effectiveness means to start first with self: even more fundamental, to start with the most inside part of self– with your paradigms, your character and your motives. The inside-out approach says that private victories precede public victories, that making and keeping promises to others. It says it is futile to put personality ahead of character, to try to improve relationships with others before improving ourselves.

Inside-out is a process–a continuing process of renewal based on the natural laws that govern human growth and progress. It's an upward spiral of growth that leads to progressively higher forms of responsible independence and effective interdependence.


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