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Greetings to everyone!
School is back in a whirl and each team is getting ready for the all important first pep rally and football halftime. I hope that your season looks to be the best ever. We enjoyed working with over 250 teams this summer at camps in preparation for the fall season and we are looking ahead to a great contest year, too. The web site is up and ready with current contest information for you and your team. Make sure to visit soon. 
We have had over 62,000 visitors!! If you are interested in a particular contest, visit the contest results for 2000 and check out the winners from this past season. If you need instant quotes on travel packages to any of our contests, contact Joan at ats@sanmarcos.net or www.grouptraveltx.com Speaking of a winning season, I received a great clip on "Winners and Losers" from Melanie Clemmons from the Victoria Strutters last week. It is a great one to pass on (see below).
If you are interested in traveling to Europe or organizing a group to go to Europe next summer, please send your mailing address for a handbook of information.
Directors, please make sure to visit the web sites of our professional associations. They have made many efforts to assist you in every way. Here are a few:
www.DTDA.org (National)
www.TDDTEA.org (Texas)
www.ihsdta.org (Indiana) 
Iowa State Dance/Drill Team Association 
www.ndadd.org (North Dakota)
Welcome to CHSAA! (Colorado) 
I know there are more. Please send me link information so that I can share it with others.
Here are a couple of web sites that have great dance clip art:
Dance Clipart - Ballet and Dance 

Don't forget our great friends at Curtain Call Spirit....the best dance costumes in the industry! 

Make sure to visit THE LINE ONLINE for monthly and weekly updates and articles.
Hope you continue having a great beginning of school, and, as always, please stay in touch!
Joyce E. Pennington, Pres. CEO
American Dance/Drill Team

12 Statements That Losers Make

We've never done it before
It's to complicated
We don't have the resources
It will never work
There's not enough time
We've already tried
There's no way it will work
It is a waste of time
It's not good enough
It can't be done
It's not my job
I can't
13 Statements That Winners Make
We have the opportunity to be first
Let's look at this at this from a different angle
Necessity is the mother of invention
We will give it a try
We'll re-evaluate some priorities
Think of the possibilities
There always room for improvement
It will be a challenge
I'll be glad to take their responsibility
I can
Whatever it takes

Unknown Author


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