DANCE EVALUATION will be held on the final day of camp and will be a chance for your girls to perform, as a team, one or two of the routines they have learned at camp (this includes camp dance) for final evaluation. Teams will be judged on a Standard of Excellence (not competing against other teams) for a Divisional rating. Teams may perform one or two routines learned at camp toward earning a Sweepstakes Award.

MARCHING EVALUATION will be held on the final day of camp where your girls may either perform the marching routine taught at camp (as a team) for Final Evaluation. The staff may select an outstanding team in this area to receive the "DR. IRVING DREIBRODT AWARD OF EXCELLENCE". Teams will be evaluated and earn Divisional ratings as in Dance Evaluation. Marching Evaluation is another area that can earn a Sweepstakes Award.

Hurrah for small teams!!  We no longer have a minimum for you to receive a Visual Notes DVD.  If you have your entire team at line camp or private camp, you will receive a DVD at no additional charge. 

Now on our website....expanded summer camp information including campus maps and more information about camp sites.  You can also view current camp schedules as well as well as the list of routines offered at both officer and line camp.  

Make sure to have all students complete the medical form and the liability release form (SMU only) and bring with you to registration at the various camp sites.

Back by popular demand and better than ever will be the Officer Routine DVD.  This tape will be professionally done and will have over 16 routines that will be offered at the officer camp sites.

ATS Tours and Travels is the official drill team travel specialist for all ADTS activities.  Contact ATS for assistance in planning in your contest or special travel destination.  They can also assist you with summer hotel arrangements for camp.

Some campuses will be strict about their 11:00 am check out time so you may need to plan to either store your luggage after breakfast on the last day or have your buses meet to pick up luggage early.

Because of our commitments for guarantees to the universities, we must require that you be deposited or paid in full at least 2 weeks prior to your camp.  Please make sure to request your school check early.

Bring your camp handbook to camp with you and don't forget to check the website for campus maps, current camp schedule, and list of routines offered.  


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