1. Write a short paragraph entitled "Why I Would Make a Good Officer."
2. What is more important for an officer to have-leadership or dance ability? Why?
3. Do you see yourself as a better dancer or leader? Why?
4. What contributions do you feel that you could make to the team if you were selected as an officer?
5. How do you feel that you could benefit from being an officer?
6. What are the advantages of having a strongly disciplined team?
7. Do you think that you actions outside of drill team effect your ability or effectiveness to serve as an officer? Why or why not?
8. How important is the officer's weight and appearance?
9. How important is attendance and punctuality?
10. What other major outside responsibilities do you anticipate for next year other than drill team? How much time will this require?

11. How would you approach handling stress and responsibility of being an officer?

12. How would being an officer change your relationship with your friends on the team?

13. How would you approach the director if you knew that the entire team disagreed with her decision?
14. How would you handle a problem if another officer or team member was observed breaking a rule?

15. What are the biggest complaints of the line members and how would you help resolve these?
16. What are your strongest qualities that would make you a good officer?
17. What are your weakest points that you would want to strive to improve should you make officer?
18. What would you want to change for the coming year for the team that would be different from last year?
19. Of all the candidates for officer, do you see yourself as being one of the most qualified?
20. Other than yourself, who would you see as being captain and why? 


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