Letters to the Editor
A Threat to Drill Team

As a teacher, parent and the mother of a drill team instructor I want to express this warning!

Majorettes used to be a big honor in California.  Beautiful girls with nice uniforms headed every band in parades and big events.  Not anymore!  And why not?

Band leaders said that majorettes and their mothers presented so many problems that they did not have the time or the energy to deal with them.  So they discontinued majorettes!

Take heed - you Texas mothers and others like you.  Instead of being one of the leading states in drill team - you may become the only state without drill teams.  Would you want that for all the wholesome and attractive young ladies now interested in drill team?  Do you, instead, want them to have more time to test the latest new drug to gain notice on the campus?

A good drill team instructor has too many responsibilities to have to explain to some mother why her daughter didn't get "front and center".  A good drill team instructor can find many other better jobs and a poor one can take her place.

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Be the good parent you are trying to be.  Give the student the opportunity of sinking or swimming on her own in high school.  She will learn so many survival techniques that she will be able to swim in adulthood.  Don't take that chance from her now!

Concerned in Texas


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