Positive Parent Support:
15 Ways Drill Team Parents Can Show Support and Interest

1.      Attend all performances.

2.      Encourage home practice.

3.      Keep up to date on the drill teamer's activities through family conversation.

4.      Permit postponement of home obligations during heavy performing season.

5.      Provide extra dance lessons.

6.      Be on school committees and express opinions.

7.      Get involved in the total program from fund-raising to performances.

8.      Ask your performer to do her routines for the family.

9.      Be ready with deserved praise and encouragement.

10.  See that your daughter does her share and know her part as a team member.

11.  Do not 'overdo' for your daughter or live your life through her.

12.  When the excitement of the season is over, help her return to normal through involvement with other members of the family.

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13.  Teach her to say 'thank you' and how to accept a compliment with grace.

14.  Fathers give as much time to your daughters in drill team as your sons in sports.

15.  Teach her to accept defeat or failure with pride and grace and to re-set new goals. Never step in to 'fix' what is a necessary learning experience.

  Remember that you are capable of making drill team her most valuable educational experience in high school--her 'lab work' for life!!


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