Packing List for Contest
by Judy Allen (mom with Victoria Jr Strutters)

Makeup, hairspray and lots of gel
Hairnets for the pony tail.

Bobby pins, short and long
Three recordings of your song

Rubber bands, both thick and thin
Sewing kit and safety pins

Footless tights and tights with straps
Windsuit, bag and your wrap

Bloomers, gloves and all your hair
Earrings, chokers and skin wear

Jazz shoes, boots and lyricals
Glitter, rhinestones and miracles

Costumes and accessories
Toiletries and necessities Schedule sheet and name tags
Downy sheets and plastic bags

Band-Aids, and your Tylenol
Antiseptic. and Midol

Lots of change and extra cash
Pack some treats for your stash

Pack your Bible and your prayer
He’s with you now and He will be there.

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Dancewear models and cosutmes courtesy of Creations by Cicci