How to be an Organized Drill Team Director
By Barbara Lown


A. Yearly Calendar
        1. Check your school calendar
        2. Check your community calendar
        3. Avoid holidays and special occasions
        4. Avoid planning activities too close together
    B. Monthly Calendar Distribute to Team
    C. Alphabetized Filing System
        1. Section dividers for large categories
        2. Two year files
        3. Yearly files
    D. Rolodex (business/service references)
    E.  Managers
        1. job descriptions
        2. outline of daily/weekly duties
    F. Record Sheets
    G. Notebook
    H. Diary

  A. Call roll--Start on Time!
    B. Take care of necessary business
        1. Collect or turn in money
        2. Record absences, tardies, demerits, etc.
        3. Clear any necessary obligations /announcements
    C. Structured Warm-up period
    D. Teach routine
    E. Review routine by squads
    F. Polish and Critique routine as a group
    G. Wrap-up
        1. Announcements
        2. Reminders
        3. Questions
    H. Dismiss
        1. End on a positive note (word or thought of the day)
        2. Dismiss on time

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    A. Managers
        1. Secretarial responsibilities
        2. Props
        3. Duty Sheet
        4. Bulletin Board
        5.  Housekeeping
        6. Notepad/Calendar
    B. Officers
        1. Daily duties
        2. Choreography
        3. Critiquing
        4. Leadership Qualities
        5. Notepad/Calendar
    C. Line Members
        1. Daily expectations
        2. Notepad/Calendar

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