Suggestions for Public Relations Projects
By Joyce E. Pennington

With your band: 
*Posters in the band hall each week of football and before special contests.
*Pick a" secret pal" to write notes to and leave treats for on special occasions.
*Decorate band director's office door before each Game or special event.
*Take popsicles to band members at one of their out Door rehearsals.
*Have a send off party for their big trip or contest-- make name tags, signs, small state flags, cookies
*Posters for bus.
For teachers: 
*Clean car windshields in teacher parking lot.
*Covered dish lunch during teacher in service.
*Donuts and coffee for breakfast one morning.
*Coffee mugs for each teacher with name painted on.
*Desk paper weight made with smooth rock and hand painted with name or school logo.
*Large plastic paper clip or other hand painted items.
*Apple in the teacher's box.
*Decorate teachers' & principals' doors on their birthdays. 
In your community:
*Perform for grand openings for local businesses.
*Perform at nursing homes/children's hospital.
*Muscular dystrophy "kick-a-thon" or other charity 
*Help with clothing, food or blood drives.
*"Adopt" a family at Christmas.
*Perform at a homeless shelter and take food.
*Help with ushering/hostessing at civic activities.
*Community appreciation night at football game.
*Frame a team picture for supportive businesses.

Athletic teams & cheerleaders:
*Decorate locker room for "special" games or events.
*Send Texas sized "card-o-gram" on butcher paper.
*Cup cakes, watermelon, popsicles, kool-aid, etc., delivered to practice.


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