Problem Solving
by Joyce E. Pennington

Problem solving becomes an automatic daily responsibility with being a director or officer of a drill team. Usually the source of most problems can always be traced back to a communication breakdown. In striving to seek harmony among your team, start with analyzing the communications between the leadership, members, parents and administration. Fred Roach, President of Centennial Homes, wrote a special book of collective thoughts to his son and published "Let's Talk". I have implemented his comments that may prove supportive when dealing with problems in your group.

Respect is another essential element in problem solving. So many times we do not take the time to listen to others because we always assume that we are right. If we will take the time to listen to others and offer respect for their opinion, it will always be easier for them to accept the decision and return the respect to you. Fred Raoch has some good observations on the subject of respect.

Although there is never a textbook solution to each problem, there is certainly a method of approach to utilize to be successful in dealing with each problem. Utilize true concern for the team as well as the individual. Always show respect for others and their opinions. Be empathetic and put yourself in their position when making a decision. And, always keep a straight forward line of communication. Honesty will always be your best policy.


I've found that one of the biggest problems in life's relationships is caused by lack of effective communication. It's prevalent everywhere; yet there's an answer:

Love communicated will provide the cement that will hold together and build the marriage relationship; Ideas communicated will build a business (or organization) to the highest level possible; Empathy communicated will generate understanding among all people; The Good News of Jesus communicated and accepted will save man from sin.

Like anything else, effective communication is a learned art. Communication is natural, but it might not be positive. To be effective it requires effort on our part. The key is, we can learn to communicate in a beautiful way in which others a re strengthened. There are some basics: be empathetic; be sensitive; share yourself; never try to hurt someone with words or actions; don't try to be too technical. Remember, everything you are doing and everything you are is communicating; so be sensitive to what you're saying to others.

RESPECT by Fred Roach

Respect is something we should both seek and give. We seek respect by how we live. We gain respect by our actions. We lose respect of others when there is a lack of dependability. We compromise respect when we rationalize every situation. 

Just as we need to earn the respect of others, we also need to learn to give respect. Respect of others does not always mean agreement. I can respect another person and not necessarily agree with his or her views. We should have the right to disagree and to maintain relationships.

Respect for others is hard when you are violent in your disagreement. Yet, aggressive confrontation accomplishes little. If we are to win people over to positive Christlikeness, it cannot be done with undue pressure. Respect requires love--a quality difficult to maintain when there is disagreement.

You will have the respect of others as you give respect to others. Do all in your strength to garner for yourself everyone's respect, but remember--ultimately your goal is to please God, not man.


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