Philosophy of Teaching Dance/Drill Team
written by Julie Sulak
Waco, Texas

My personal philosophy on teaching drill team is not based on how well a person dances or their ability to count to eight. Rather,. a good teacher is recognized by their more personal features. A commendable dance teacher is able to adjust smoothly to an uncomfortable situation. This teacher would remain calm and use their intelligence in a time of crisis.

Upon the evaluation of their own personality, a successful teacher will realize that it is selfish to accept the idea that because they are a leader that their thoughts are superior to others. This is no way to earn respect, for one must acknowledge the beauty of diversity.

Ridicule should never be used inappropriately. Wholesome appraisal should be utilized. Constructive criticism is the key and should be promoted. If this deed is neglected, it is possible that a person seeking help and encouragement could regress and become unproductive.

A worthy dance teacher is able to keep an open mind and listens to any sug gestions made by others. Patience and organization will help the teacher as well as the students that they influence by eliminating any confusion that might be felt.

Most importantly, a good dance teacher should have a good attitude at all times. A bad attitude is by far the worst handicap in the world. Attitudes are vital factors in a successful project, but a bad one can be the down fall to a leaders as well as an entire team.

Julie has volunteered for over 5 years at the Klaras Children's Center in Waco, contributing over 200 hours working with developmentally delayed children from birth to 3 years old. She is a member of Student Council for 3 years and has participated in Key Club for 2 years, currently serving as vice president. She was President of her Junior Class, President of Creative Writing Club and served as Connally H.S. Hugh O'Brian youth leadership ambassado1: Julie is secretary of French Club, active in the youth group at St. Joseph's Catholic Church, on the Challenge Team at school along with Varsity Debate Team for 3 years. In addition to being a 2 year captain for Connally H.S. Blue Angels, Julie is in the top 10% of her class receiving All Academics Award for 3 years.


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