Some Beliefs I Cherish
by Dr. R.C. Bradley, College of Education, N.T.S.U., Denton, TX

1. You get out of life what you are willing to put into it!

2. You can get more out of life if you look for the good instead of the bad. If we dwell inwardly on "good thoughts" instead of the wicked and you practice good thoughts by doing good deeds.

3. I believe that people who are successful in this life can picture their goals in their minds. If you hold a picture of yourself ( your goals and how to achieve them) and hold it long enough and steadily enough in your mind's eye, your sub-conscious thought processes will take over and ultimately, with hard work, you will achieve your goals.

4. Sometimes we look at someone and think how lucky they are! They have everything we want, it seems. I have found this out about luck "The harder I work, the more 'luck' I have."

5. Positive thinkers get more out of life because of the fact that when something 'negative' hits them in the face, they are already geared up to meet the problem head on, simply because all of their energies are already molded together as a positive force to attack the problem. They don't use their strength wallering around in the negatism before they finally wind up 'getting on with the task'.

6. The people who get the most out of life dream BIG! They don't just set one little only toward it.. then move their market a little bit further to some other goal they know they can make. NO! ! They set big NOBLE GOALS to reach for ...goals that are work, realistic and challenging. The successful person dos not just see being a doctor as six years of college. Rather, through his own inward mental vision, he sees himself in charge of his own clinic... performing operations helping people. College training is just his means of accomplishing this goal. The successful female pilot of a commercial airline does not just all of a sudden wind up in the cockpit of a 747. She has to picture herself as one in charge of the airplane or spacecraft herself in a responsible ways to life-style and technical training necessary to reach her chosen goals. I believe... 'we tend to become like the image we project out of our lives to be! 

7. The 'all around person' does not blame others for his own faults or for not being in life what is within him/her to be. I meet a lot of people who say such things as... "If it weren't for my (mother, father, uncle, teacher, preacher, friend, etc., etc. ) who urged me to be this.. I could have been...( and at this point they mention something that they wished they would have become). " I say "Hogwash! ! ! ! You will never make it big ion life if you blame your won neglects, deficits, and hang-ups on others. Do not go to your grave with your music still in you. You can become anything you want to become. If you work at it long enough, hard enough, and refuse to lose track of your chosen goals! If you keep a sound, positive attitude... "You will never lose track of your goals You will have your goals because YOUR GOALS WILL HAVE YOU!!"

8. Assume a trait or a characteristic that you really want yourself to have and later you will possess it (if you just practice it). If you ever want to take on a new habit, or new goal, or a new characteristic for yourself, then practice it first! Practice it 21 days ( or more if needed). Then, the right mental attitude to continue it will come. Habit is like a weave every thread of it every day. You have to practice the habit for a long time let it become a part of you...and then the habit will help your mind develop the right attitude to accompany it!

9. I know a lot of people who go through a number of calisthenics each day and keep a healthy, sound, physical body ...but they never go through any particular routine to keep a sound, healthy mind. YOU BE DIFFERENT! Unless you have something better...try this--say this over each day until it becomes a habit for you..."Today, I am going to be a) as cheerful and happy as possible; b) a little more friendly in my actions toward all people I meet; c) less critical of people and much more tolerant of their faults, failing, and mistakes; d) seen smiling in as many instances as possible; e) in charge of my life; and in all that I do, I am going to act like success in inevitable; f) immune to all of the negative words and unpleasant happenings and pessimistic ideas that people throw at me; and g) one who gives something of myself to others and expects nothing in return.

10. Personally I an going to continue to believe in something greater than myself. Just because I was born into a Christian home does not make me any more a Christian than would sitting in a barnyard would make me a chicken! I accept Jesus myself and share Him with others. Being a Christian will not reduce the number of daily life challenges you will encounter. If anything, you will probably bump into a few more. But, I will guarantee, you will be equipped to handle all that is thrown your way! !


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