Words of Wisdom for Leaders
Some leaders have trouble passing out bouquets. They pay a compliment as though they expect a receipt. Some go to the other extreme. They pour syrup allover people.

Some leaders refrain from giving praise for good ideas or a job well done simply because they are jealous. Give a team member praise and the next thing you know, they are jumping over you on the ladder to success- --that is how they will feel.

That is self defeating. Recognize good work and you give team members the will to do better work. Do not recognize it and you feed one of the biggest gripes they have---Lack of recognition.

The best thing to do every time is to give credit where credit is due. You will be a better leader for it and you will win more respect.

* Give of yourself. Don't expect more from others than you can give. 
* Don't be power hungry. Help, don't rule.
* Evaluate your leadership at all times.
* Admit your mistakes, but don't be overly apologetic about them.
* Set a good example.
* Be a peacemaker.
* Use your time wisely.
* Schedule time to meet all obligations to school, family, social life, friends and self. 
* Don't argue in front of the group.
* Show respect and earn respect.
* Casual behavior is a mistake.
* Strive for creativity in yourself and others.
* Help your team grow to accept defeat and winning gracefully; to take care of and learn from   each another


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