Qualities of Successful Officers
* She is dedicated and will go 'beyond the call of duty'.

* She is sincere in her concern for the drill team and its members.

* She is disciplined and does not shirk her responsibilities and duties.

* She strives for perfection in her own performance and her team.

* She is mature and conducts herself accordingly.

* She has a sense of humor!

* She is open-minded and respects the feelings of others.

* She is poised at all times.

* She is determined and will "try, try again."

* She is confident in her skills and abilities.

* She is responsible and always prepared.

* She sets a good example for drill team members.

* She displays respect to her director and other teachers-

* She is impartial with her peers and will not show favorites.

* She is not afraid to make a change when change is necessary.

* She realizes the importance of constructive criticism and therefore gives it tactfully, and accepts it graciously.

* She realizes respect is something to be earned and not expected.

* She maintains a positive attitude at all times.

* She strives to make good grades and continues the positive example in other school classes and activities.


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