Officer Job Description
* Must be willing to give many extra hours which include: two summer camps, required practices before camp, special officer preparation rehearsals.

* Should always arrive early for all activities and plan to stay late, if necessary, until all jobs have been completed.

* Must develop a critical eye for errors and critiquing routines.

* Should complete every duty by the given deadline.

* Must stay within the proper weight requirements.

* Must always be the ideal example of a lady at all times.

* Must maintain and stay above all scholastic requirements.

* Must be physically and emotionally stable.

* Must be an exceptional dancer and teacher .

* Promote and enforce discipline and respect.

* Should be able to issue constructive criticism to peers in an effective manner .

* Must be able to use discretion in giving commands and show respect for others.

* Must maintain a good relationship with the director and the other officers and show support of all decisions.

* Have a working knowledge of music and choreography.

* Assist the director in planning yearly activities.


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