Goals For Officers
1. Better communications skills (with the director, each other, the line).

2. Officer Meetings--pull together.

3. Come together as a squad ("TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVES MIRACLES")

4. Listen to what the team has to say.

5. Be constructive and objective.

6. Do not take everything personally.

7. Have patience with the line.

8. Acknowledge your own responsibilities.

9. Judge yourself as critically as anyone else.

10. NEVER stop improving.

11. Keep a positive attitude and an open mind.

12. Be satisfied with who you are and what you do, but always strive to improve.

13. Address problems immediately.

14. Do not be afraid to speak out your opinions, then to accept when you are overruled.

15. Always, be FIRM, FAIR & CONSISTENT.




19. Take the first step--take the initiative.

20. Be equal to all.

21. RESPECT the Director and the people over you.

22. Be ready to take the heat---and take it with POISE & DIGNITY .

23. Be a CARING person.

24. DO NOT be a 'prima donna'.

25. Conform your dance style, if needed. 

26. ALWAYS be happy to give extra time.

27. DO NOT bring your personal problems into drill team.

28. ALWAYS support your fellow officers and your director.

29. Be an EXAMPLE.

30. DO NOT be negative and complain.

*These goals were set by the officers attending AMERICAN DANCE/DRILL TEAM's@ Texas A&M officer camp in 1986.


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