Drill Team Terms

MANDATORY --you must carry out or fulfill any requests, jobs, or obligations that are asked of you.

DEMERIT-- a mark given as a punishment when rules are broken.

POINTS --a mark given as a reward for participating in acknowledged voluntary or service activities.

CLINIC --an all day teaching session for all ages, usually on Saturdays, which offers additional routine material for those who attend. If it is hosted by the team, it can be a fund-raiser for that team.

INVENTORY --an annual fund-raiser for the team where you help department stores to count stock (usually on a weekend).

GRADE PROBATION --in compliance with the Texas "No Pass-No Play" rule, a student is on six weeks probation from extra-curricular activities if she fails a class (below 70 on 6 weeks report).

CAPTAIN --highest officer position on the team; she is the leader of the drill team and is next in command to the director.

LIEUTENANT --An officer position which is one step under the captain. There are usually four or five lieutenants.

SQUAD --each lieutenant is assigned a group of drill team members which she is responsible for during the year. The squad sits in ranks together at all athletic events.

RANKS --the rows of girls in each squad that fall behind their lieutenant. You sit in the stands and march

in parades in this formation. Your position in the rows is determined by number of years on the team, grade classification, and/or height.

SOCIAL OFFICERS --consist of President, Vice President, Secretary , Treasurer, Chaplain and Historian. Selected by popular vote of all team members, these social officers form committees for projects, parties, banquet, etc. and approve events through the director .

BIG SIS/LITTLE SIS --each veteran team member chooses a rookie member whom she "adopts" for helping with routines, questions, encouragement, etc., throughout the year. Special gifts or mementos are traded on special occasions designated by the director .

SECRET PAL --each team member may participate in selecting a member of an athletic team, coach, band director, cheerleader sponsor or principal for whom she decorates their locker or door on special occasions, and sometimes gives a small memento of encouragement. These special occasions are determined by the social officers and director .

DRILL TEAM NOTEBOOK --is issued at the beginning of the year and has vital information, such as constitution, rules & regulations and calendar. It will be referred to and added to on a regular basis. This should come with you to practice every day.

SPRING SHOW --a special variety show presented by the drill team in order to experience another dimension of dance and stage production. This is also a vital fund-raiser for the team.

COMPETITION --in the late winter and spring, the team will attend one to three competitions where many teams will gather to compete for personal improvement, as well as special awards.

BOOSTER CLUB --a parent's support organization where all drill team parents are encouraged to participate in fund-raising activities, assist in chaperoning when requested and offer moral support to the team throughout the year .

MANAGERS --non-performing members of the team that will provide administrative and technical assistance to the director and the team. They are to be given special respect for their supportive work.

CAMP --a session that is held in the summer where the team goes away to a college campus and has professional instruction and guidance for four days. Camp is mandatory for all team members.


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