How to be a Champion
1. Exude a surplus of confidence around your competitors and self at all times, but do not be unsportsmanlike.

2. Help your competitors at all times. After all, you might make a friend out of them.


4. Question anyone you meet about her technique, how she trains, how to correct your troubles. Always be open to suggestions from others.

5. Compete as often as possible to get experience; don't compete for medals or trophies, but for fun and companionship.

6. Don't let yourself think about competing for second place; you came here to win.

7. Set a concrete goal for yourself, even if you think it's impossible. Nothing is impossible for a person with faith.

8. Be determined, irrespective of your size, shape, talent, or popularity.

9. Always take the blame yourself for failure. Study each failure with greater intensity than your success; you never learn anything when you win.

10. Control your emotions at all times in competition. It can completely destroy your timing and coordination.

11. Be critical, objective and open-minded at all times.

12. Don't drink, smoke or do drugs at any time. The REAL champion would never do it and few others seldom do it.

13. Tell your director what your problems seem to be and rely upon her to help you solve the difficulty.

14. Study the physiology of training, the psychology of your competitors and EXPERIMENT ALL THE TIME WITH CREATIVITY .

15. Never fail to give thanks to your director, your teammates, your parents and your competitors.


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