Tips for Good Technique

-Always strive to make the team dance alike. Develop a style and stick to it.

-Break down the movement watching feet first, then body, hands, arms and head movements last. Divide team into small groups and work one on one.

-Always emphasize good technique in practice. The team should not ever be allowed to dance "lazy" and in poor form. The end result will look the same.

-Stress good posture as this is the basis of good overall technique.

-Projection is also a form of technique. Facial expressions come across as "fake" if energy and genuine enthusiasm are not executed. If the music is too slow, it is difficult to perform with energy.

-Memorization of the routine must come first before critiquing.

-Make sure that the correct technique is taught in the very beginning when the routine is taught. It is easier to do it right the first time than to go back and "undo" bad technique.

-If a certain leap or step is challenging, spend extra time on that move to insure that all team members can execute properly. A routine will look sloppy if the choreography is over their heads.

-Make sure that extension and completion of movement is always emphasized. A lot will depend on the tempo of the music during rehearsal. Slow it down when polishing steps to insure completion of moves. Speed music to regular tempo when they have mastered steps.

-The arms are the "prop" of your body and will catch the audiences eye before other body parts. Make sure that arm levels and hand placement are correct.

-Eye contact with the audience is important. If you are in a stadium or a ballroom, be aware of the focus towards your audience.

-Watch for flexion in the legs, especially on kicks. If they will point their toes immediately when their foot leaves the ground, this will help.

-Sometimes problems will arise from the body facing the wrong direction during a step. Insure that the step is either to the front, the diagonal, the side or back.


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