Beginning Choreography
by Debbie Byrd
I. Choosing Music
A. Where to get music?
   1. Appropriate music for material
B. What type of music?
   1. Please audience MORE than performer
   2. Variety of tempo and style
   3. Any time limitations
   4. Can band play the music
II. Charting Music
 A. Steps to actually outlining music
   1. Label and locate
 B. Listen to music for emphasis
   1. Tempo changes
   2. Music changes
   3. Music repeats

III. Routine Introductions
 A. "Eye catching" formations
   1. Holding counts
   2. Bounces
   3. Chin lifts
   4. Contagions or ripples
   5. Traditional Positions
      a. hands on hips
      b. hands down
      c. semi - third

IV. Routine Endings
 A. Build to the End - Dynamics
 B. Best for Last
 C. Basic Dance Steps

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Dancewear models and cosutmes courtesy of Creations by Cicci