Two on-line resources can help students to prepare for the TAKS tests. Students have worked on these here at school on the web, but can also access these sites from home.

For exit-level (11th grade) TAKS:


This site has 11-th grade diagnostic tests that the student takes to determine areas of weakness. There are also interactive lessons which cover the objectives tested and are good review materials for weak areas. Students in TAKS Camps last year worked on this site. Navigation in the site is a little tricky, but I have some instruction sheets that students may use.

For all grade levels of TAKS:


This is the web site of the Texas Education Agency. They have online interactive versions of released tests.

When you go to the TEA website listed above, click on Assessment/Tests in the menu on the left side of the page.
Then click on Student Assessment Division near the bottom of this page.
Click on Released Tests in the menu on the left side of the page.
Click on Interactive Online Versions in the middle of the page.
Choose grade at the left. Then click on the appropriate test in green beside the grade.
Example: Choose 9th Grade, and then click on Reading beside it to take the interactive version of the 9th grade reading test that students took in February 2004.

After you have answered the questions on the test, click on the Score Test button at the bottom. A window will show the questions, objective tested, correct answer, and your answer. At the bottom, it tells you how you scored for each objective, and what your scale score would be.

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