Fundraising Ideas
By Joyce E. Pennington

Fundraising for your team can be one of the greatest and most challenging task you have as a director. A strong parent support group can be a lifesaver for the organization and execution of a successful fundraising project. If your objective is to raise funds that will apply to the girls individually (such as, trips, camp, uniforms, etc.) it is best if each team member has a separate accounting and receives direct credit for the amount of sales/work she produces. Each girl will be more motivated knowing she will receive the direct "fruits of her labor". 

It is best to select a fundraiser that will give you the most money for your time. A good way to measure the effectiveness of a project is if you average a minimum of $5 per hour profit for each person's work time invested. If not, consider another project that offers a better return. 
Utilize a committee of parents to organize and keep books on your fundraising projects. Make sure that your project is submitted to the school for approval in the Spring preceding the following school year. Try to select a time that the group will be the most motivated to work (early in the year). Implement goal setting and praise for those that meet their short term and long term goals (day to day, week to week, month to month). Teach them responsibility with their projects and if they do not meet their obligations, they will not reap the benefits that will be made available by the fundraising project. 

Here are a few ideas for fundraising. Some are old, but some may stimulate a new though or approach. Best of luck!

Junior One Day Workshop- Sponsor a one day clinic for area elementary and middle school girls. Your officers can teach routines and hand out special award ribbons with your team name and colors. It is good PR in the community as well as a successful fundraiser that can be fun for your girls. 

Host a One Day Clinic or Contest-This project will take cooperation from you and your parents more than the girls. It can be as easy as setting the date with your school, contacting a competent camp company to present the contest or clinic and organizing the parents to work the concessions and "gate". The profits can be "big".

Sell Frozen Casseroles- You have three basic casserole recipes that you distribute to your team members. Seek ingredient donations from your local grocers. Pre-sell the casseroles to the "working moms" in your area, then have a 'baking party' by squads to prepare them. Freeze, then deliver in disposable pans.

Golf or Bowling Tournament- These can mean "big" money too, but again takes more work from parents than team members. Seek local businesses as sponsors for various prizes, T-shirts, etc. Local publicity and support is important. 

Casino Party- Again, big money if planned and advertised properly. The parents must work hard on this one to get big door prizes and local publicity. You can hire the equipment and game table workers through a local firm.

Holiday Bazaar/Craft Show- Many teams have found great success with this project. Like many that I have mentioned, once the word is out and you make this an annual event, it is an automatic success that requires less work each year.

Spring Show / All School Review- This is always a fun time for many school groups to become involved with stage performance work. The more school groups that are involved, the better your attendance and gate. Invite the cheerleaders, band, choir, orchestra, drama club, etc. It can be a great way to unify the school.

Sell Ads for Show Program- Many teams that have a Spring Show will sell ads for their program to businesses as well as personal support ads. You need a parent with a computer to tackle this project but it can bring in thousands of dollars to offset show costumes and expenses. 
Spaghetti Supper / Silent Auction- Seek prize donations from local businesses (do not forget service type items too) that you can have at a Spaghetti Supper either prior to a football game or special school event. You will find that you can develop a great annual event where your team can also supply the entertainment.
Luncheon / Fashion Show- Seek a local dress shop or department store that will allow you to wear their garments. Utilize Mother/Daughter combinations to model as well as your team supplying performance entertainment. 

Work Concession Stands- Many booster clubs will contract to work the school functions in the concession stands. Many will also contract for professional sporting events at large stadiums to work each home event. This can be a lot of work but it is consistent and predictable as far as profits. 

Selling Christmas Cards- I once knew a team that made $80,000 profit each year selling Christmas Cards and gift wrap. I wish I knew their secret!! 

Soft Drink Machine- I had a drink machine in the girls' dressing room at school that I had my managers supply each day. It netted about $3,000 profit each year. I allowed my managers to select any restaurant for dinner at the end of the year for their work.
Selling Candy- I saved this one for last because it seems that everyone sells candy these days. But, it does offer 50% profit and is a product that you can sell the same person every day during your project. Be sure to check out Doughmaker$.com, "fundraising that makes ˘ents,." 


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