How to Prepare a Drill Team Budget
By Joyce E. Pennington

The time to prepare your budget for the coming year is well before you meet with your new line candidates prior to tryouts. It will take some time for you to research the costs of new products and services and gather the data together. Since every school operates on a different budget program, you will need to determine how much of the expenses the school budget funds will pay, how much your Booster Club will contribute and how much each team member will be responsible for paying. Remember when you make your budget to always allow for a couple of extras when it comes to costumes, props, practice wear, etc. If a piece is lost, damaged or stolen, you will be able to replace it immediately. The cost for these extra items will need to be figured in for your total budget so that you will not find yourself 'in the red' due to overages.

If you have never prepared a budget before, it would be advisable to consult with your fine arts department chairperson or athletic director for guidance. You will have to prepare an annual budget for school funds that must be turned in during January or February. It is not a good idea to be too 'greedy' in your requests, but remember, you will not receive any money for items unless you ask. 
Here are some of the items that will need to be included in your budgets. I have indicated what most likely may be paid for by your school, as well as suggestions for student and booster club responsibilities. Again, remember, all school districts are different in what their budgets will pay and the amount of budget provided to the team.
Once the student cost per person has been figured, you may want to set up a payment plan that will spread the costs over a period of a few months. Early information to the candidates can help them do financial planning with their families to make drill team an affordable activity. Selling used items from graduating seniors can help defer some of the costs as well as help seniors with their graduating expenses. Careful budget planning can contribute to happy parents, students, administrators and a successful year. To resource many companies offering services and products mentioned above, link to the web site.
Sound equipment for practice and performance $________ 
Music tapes and CD's $________
Costs for professional recordings for performance $________
Letter jackets or award blankets for senior $________
Tryout judges fees both for officer and line tryouts $________
Choreographers for contest or Spring Show $________
Contest entry fees $________
Director's fees for camps $________
Director's travel expenses to contests & camps $________
Buses for football games & camp $________
Field Uniforms $________
Pom Pons $________
Props for field and contests $________
Other items: $________
_________________________ $________
_________________________ $________
_________________________ $________
_________________________ $________
Practice wear $________
Practice shoes/socks/jazz shoes $________
Performance shoes/boots $________
Camp (line/officer) $________
Contest solo/ensemble fees (optional) $________
Big Sis/Lil Sis gifts (optional) $________
One Day Clinic fees $________
T-shirt. $________
Warm-up $________
Bag $________
Travel expenses to contest $________
Costumes for contest or spring show $________
Other items: $________
_________________________ $________
_________________________ $________
_________________________ $________
_________________________ $________
Defer expenses on costumes for spring show and contest $________
Have a 'support fund' to help girls with financial problems $________
Defer travel expenses for contest $________
Prepare spring show program (can be used to raise $) $________
Prepare and raise funds for drill team banquet $________
Raise funds for drill team scholarship and awards for seniors $________
Volunteer as chaperones for games and trips $________
Volunteer for bookkeeping for fundraisers $________
Volunteer for build props or sew costumes $________
Other items: $________
_________________________ $________
_________________________ $________
_________________________ $________
_________________________ $________

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Dancewear models and cosutmes courtesy of Creations by Cicci