The Last Eight Count
by Sarah McKinnis.
Sara wrote this poem after performing for the
last time with her drill team, the Hallsville H.S. Bobcat Belles

My heart grew heavy as I stepped onto the floor
I took my position and prepared to soar
My dancing sisters to my right and my left
Girls that within 10 lifetimes I could never forget
Those who had been with me through times that were bad
With whom I shared the best times I've ever had
I kicked my highest and I spun my hardest
I smiled my widest and I leapt my farthest
All so that I could walk away and know
I wanted to dance my best and I had done so
With all of my heart and my soul
With gracefulness, style, and control
I danced my last eight count with the team by my side
I walked off the floor smiling, but inside cried
How do you lose something that you love to do?
Without it how can you still feel you're you?
That night as I laid down my head
I prayed a prayer to God as I stirred restlessly in bed
"God, please whatever you do,
don't let the worst fear of mine ever come true
I'll be whatever you want me to be
Just don't let that be the last eight count for me"
Then God looked down at me and smiled
"Why should it ever be, my child?
As long as there is music and love
As long as there are stars above
The gift that I gave you will be there
You can dance anytime, anywhere." 


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