What to do when an accident happens

Of course, you should go over the specific details with your attorney, but at a minimum the "Emergency Procedure" should contain the following points:

Even if the injury is minor, medical attention should be sought promptly. If the injury is serious, call the emergency medical squad or the student's parents and arrange to have the student brought to the emergency room at the hospital. You should try to avoid driving the student yourself ( you might become embroiled in a car accident on the way to the hospital and thereby make matters worse.)
If neither the paramedics nor the students parents can be at the scene promptly, you may have to drive the student in your car. Consult with your attorney as to whether it is advisable to drive a student to the hospital in such an event. Court cases vary greatly from state to state in their opinions of the wisdom of such action.

If the student's parents promise to seek medical attention, before you re-admit the student to class, you should require the parents to present you with a doctor's note showing that they did indeed seek medical advice, and the doctor has approved the student's re-admission to activity.

Notify the insurer of the accident if so required by your school district. Many policies require that you notify the insurer within a specific amount of time. Make sure you adhere to the time limit.

Avoid any admissions of liability. Regardless of how upset you are by the accident, control what you say. Under no circumstances should you look down at poor Lackluster and say, "I knew someone would fall on that slippery spot one day."

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Never permit a student with a pre-existing injury or physical problem to participate in class unless the student gives you a doctor's note assuring you that the student will not further injure herself by further participation. 

As soon as possible after an accident occurs, you--or the teacher in whose class the accident happened--should write a detailed statement describing the time, date and details of the accident, as well as the persons that might have witnessed the accident. Date the report, sign it, and file it away and give a copy to your principal. If a lawsuit is brought up later or a question is brought up to the school, your version of the incident will be given greater credence if it is backed up by a statement written when the accident occurred, at a time when you were not under the pressure to slant the facts in your favor.


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