Communicate with School Administrators and Parents
By Joyce E. Pennington

One of the many challenges a drill team director encounters is making the best communication decisions when dealing with your principal, school board or parents.  Many times directors will choose to build a wall between themselves and their administrators as a result of fear, intimidation or confusion.  The wall of non-communication can only result in a negative outcome.

It is best to go in at the beginning of the year and present a list of goals and changes you want for you team in the coming year.  Present him with a 3 ring binder marked "drill team" and enclose any list of rules, demerits or constitution for your team. 

Throughout the year, send copies of any communications given to your team to parents.  Make sure to include a monthly schedule of events.  This will provide a helpful reference in case that parents might call with a question.  It will also make him feel important and involved.

A good line of communication with parents is most important.  They must hear from you because the story is not always relayed in context via your team members.  Meet with your team parents at least twice a year (much more if you have special events or trips).  Remember that they are footing the bill for their daughter to participate in drill team and deserve to know what is planned for the team.  Answer their questions and be prepared.  Be confident and sure of your decisions and do not avoid discussing certain subjects.  Evasiveness can only create doubt in their minds.  Send home memo's and schedules (by mail).  Involve parents with those projects that can require assistance. Many parents enjoy getting involved. 

Keep the lines of communication open with parents and administrators.  Be open, honest and do not avoid or delay responses.  This can only complicate the situation.  With the support of these two groups, your drill team program will be most successful. 


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