Suggested Year Round Drill Team Calendar
by Joyce E. Pennington

  • Hold tryouts for new line members
  • First introductory meeting for new members and parents
  • Assign new members to squads/officers
  • Order the following:
    • Practice uniform
    • Performing uniforms
    • Cover-ups
    • T-shirts
    • Game Day outfit
  • Drill Team end of year awards banquet
  • Camp money is due
  • Assign roommates for camp
  • Hold dinner "outing" for all new team members
  • Order the following:
    • Pom Pons
    • Hats
    • Boots or footwear
    • Sweat suits
    • Team letter jackets or blankets for Seniors
    • Buses for camp
    • Hanging Bags/Tote Bags
  • Spring Game performance
  • Schedule practice sessions to precede camp
  • Select music with band director to be ordered for football season
  • Officers attend summer camp
  • Team practice before camp
  • Parents meeting before camp
  • Line attends camp


  • Make a master calendar of events for the fall for each team member
  • Work out a music/performance schedule with band director
  • Give a notebook to principal with copies of all communications to team
  • Schedule team pictures to be taken
  • "Boot Camp" practice before school starts/learn and block all football routines
  • Record all team members weight and height/physicals by physician if possible
  • "Gratitude Luncheon" for teachers and all school employees during in-service
  • Hold end of summer swim party for all team members...FUN!!!


  • Perform at all football halftimes/Pre-game spirit/Stand routines
  • Hold fall fundraiser with team
  • Organize projects to promote school spirit
  • Begin making plans for basketball performances
  • Organize Christmas community service projects


  • Basketball performances
  • Attend one day workshops to gather fresh ideas
  • Select spring show theme and plan for competitions
  • Team Christmas Party following community service projects


  • Basketball halftimes
  • Spring Show (invite alumni--hold reception)
  • Competitions (2 or 3)
  • Hold officer tryouts
  • Hold end of season party for Seniors

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Dancewear models and cosutmes courtesy of Creations by Cicci