Checklist for Evaluating Choreography
by Debbie Byrd

1. Are the rhythm patterns and phrasing interesting?
2. Is there variations in dynamics, or is it the same all the way through the dance?
3. Is there interesting use of space and traveling patterns?
4. Is there variation in level and direction of movements?
5. Is there repetition, as well as variation?
6. Is there any overused, frequently seen movements and positions?
7. Are the dance sequences logically arranged or are they impossible to remember?
8. Is the music appropriate for the movements or choreography?

1. Compromises that fill space with just any movement that really does not fit the rest of the choreography.
2. Too much or not enough contrast.
3. Using the same stereotyped space patterns.
4. Movement beyond the performers' ability.
5. Dance that goes on and on, long after its point has been made
6. Movement or design too small to be seen from where your audience may be sitting.


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