Adaptive Choreography
by Joyce E. Pennington 

You have just returned from camp and you find that you are limited to only a few band arrangements your band director will play. Then you find out that you must present a routine to a specific piece of music---and only have 2 days notice! Never fear! You can always adapt choreography that you have learned at camps or clinics if you take the steps listed below and make minor modifications. 

Sometimes, you only need to change a prop, change a band arrangement, and the audience thinks you have a brand new routine for that play-off game! Try the steps listed below to expand your routines to a longer season:

I. Skeleton your music
a. Designate where the music changes
b. Designate emphasis counts
c. Determine feeling of different segments of the music
(ex., contagions, chorus-powerful, transitions, parts.)

II. Expanding the length
a. Determine the placement of extra counts
b. Analyze steps before and after
c. Add new step that is compatible
   1. Fits feeling of the music
   2. Fits type of routine
   3. Easy transition from preceding step
   4. Easy transition into next step
d. Extra steps can be added in body of music, not just end
e. Contagions and formations are good methods for lengthening
f. Repeat a step with same phrasing of music

III. List different type of dance steps
a. Combine steps to make up a new step
b. Use old combinations with new arms
c. Make sure to insure all transitions are smooth and routine can be polished and cleaned.
d. Change formations for a different look.
e. Utilize team members to contribute new ideas.
f. Modify steps by adding level changes or parts. 

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Dancewear models and cosutmes courtesy of Creations by Cicci