Quotes From Citizens on Miss Gussie Nell Davis
December 20, 1993
as compiled by Kilgore College

The death of Miss Gussie Nell Davis on Monday brought an outpouring of comments from various people who knew Miss Davis as a famous person in the public eye, or as a co-worker and friend.

Here are some of those comments:

Charles K. Devall, publisher emeritus of the Kilgore News Herald, who covered and reported many of the Rangerette activities during the early days of that organization at Kilgore College: "Gussie Nell was one of a kind; the best in the world in her business. She brought fame not only to the organization she created but also to Kilgore College and Kilgore."

Dr. Randolph C. Watson, president emeritus of Kilgore College: "Through our association on the Kilgore College campus and the years in retirement, Gussie Nell was a special, a unique, and a true friend. Ellen (his wife) and I will feel a great loss."

Deana Bolton Covin, Miss Davis' successor as Rangerette director, and now retired herself: "I would never have been able to have carried on all the traditions of the Rangerettes if I had not been Miss Davis' assistant for seven years of training. Under her, as her assistant, it was easy; however, it was hard to follow a living legend. Miss Davis was a living legend if there ever
was one. When she created the Rangerettes, she gave America a new art form."

Martha Dean, former Rangerette: "Under the leadership of Miss Davis, we all learned not only the precision drills for which she made the Rangerettes famous, but also life skills which will serve us throughout the rest of our lives. She instilled pride in a job well done, a sense of individual responsibility and working cooperatively with others. Miss Davis was also my first employer, as she gave me the opportunity to work as a dance instructor for the American Drill Team Schoolę. She worked right along with us at the school, passing along those same basic skills to hundreds of high school girls. She was truly a lady who inspired awe in everyone she touched."

Beth Drennan Spear, a member of the first Rangerette line in 1940: "My dear friend Gussie Nell was a motivator, a relentless one. Perfection was her goal and she knew how to instill confidence and self-esteem in each of us. Her work was her life, and we were her family."


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