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The road construction on Highland Street has been completed.
No RV's are allowed in Lot #27. Those can be parked in Fouts Field Parking Lot (West of Coliseum) at no charge.
No tents are allowed on the West side of the Tennis Courts
due to landscaping and sprinkler systems.
Preferred tent company is Alexanders out of Dallas:
Contact Jerry at 972-247-8556
You must rent your own tent as the reservation below
goes to UNT for maintenance and security of your space.

This year, all prop trailers will have to park
in Fouts Field (not Lot #27). We encourage you to bring
your own orange cones with a sign with your team name
taped onto the cones to save your space going back
and forth to unload and load.

Here are the fees from Alexanders:

*20 x 20 tent — Total Fee for weekend
Tent rental (includes side walls) $325

*20 x 30 tent — Total Fee for weekend
Tent rental (includes side walls)

= $
440 total

*Keep in mind that if your team plans to dress in the tents, you may need to
bring a generator, lights, and possibly a large tarp to put down for them.
Tents need to be removed no later than Sunday morning
as school is back in session on Monday.
The rental space fees are based on additional security and maintenance of the area.

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* Have you had a tent space in the past?
* If so, how many years have you had a tent space?
* Have you already contracted your tent supplier? Yes
* Will your tent be used for dressing, eating or both?
* Will you have a cooking trailer in addition to your tent?
* Please invoice me for my Tent and/or Cook Trailer Rental space, $125 each.
please type the amount next to the appropriate request
Cooking Trailer - $125
* Total Amount Due:

Tent Company Information
(if already reserved)

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Dimensions of Reserved Tent  
Type of anchors reserved for tent?
"Barrels Only" for 2015
Set up Day/Date
Set up Time


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