It is our desire to present a first class contest for dance/drill teams. Below we have listed contest rules and information. If you have any additional questions, please call the American Dance/Drill Team® office at 800/462-5719 or write to us at Office hours are Monday- Thursday from 9:00-5:00pm.

Teams Officers
Ensembles College Teams
Solos Elementary/Jr Teams
Category Descriptions Discouraged / Not Permitted
Time Limits Music
Penalties Videos
Dressing Areas Schedules
2 Day Competitions Proper Registration


IMPORTANT: Backdrops will need to be rehearsed for set up and breakdown procedures by your parents or students. In the past, we have been very lax in not penalizing overage on set up time. SHOW PRODUCTION category will allow 10 minutes for setup, performance and break down. Novelty and Open will have a 5 minute window for setup, performance and breakdown. All other categories will have 4 minutes for set up, performance and break down. If there is any exception to this, it must be approved through the American office. Penalties will be assessed in the amount of one point per minute per judge for any time overage. The head judge will assess this penalty after the judges have issued their scores on the routine. Keep in mind that many contest locations have limited prop storage on site. All props will need to be able to pass easily through a 7 foot door without the center bar. Please contact our office if you have any questions.

High school teams must perform at least 70% of the members on their roster in each team event. This means that 70% of your team must be visibly dancing and participating in the routine. In the circumstance that there is noticeably less than 70% of the team visible on the floor, the routine must be placed in the Elite division. Contact our office for any clarification.

Categories for team competition will be: JAZZ, CONTEMPORARY, KICK, PROP, NOVELTY, MILITARY, LYRICAL, POM, MODERN, HIP HOP, SHOW PRODUCTION, or OPEN (Folkloric, Ballet, Ballroom or a combination of 3 or more styles of dance). Teams may enter any combination of these categories, but may not enter more than one routine in a category (ex., 2 team poms). Time limit is 3 minutes for team routines with 1 minute for entrance and exit, for a total of 4 minutes (except for Show Production that is 10 minutes, including setup, performance, exit, take down). You can only compete one dance per category (ex., cannot compete two jazz routines, two hip hop, etc.). You may compete a smaller, specialized group in the Elite Division.

Team Competition will be divided into the following areas provided there are at least five teams entering each division. High school private teams may be separated if a minimum of 5 teams are registered in team events. High School team size cannot change within 7 days of the competition.
All Star and Studio Teams (see new age divisions that are comparable to USASF; it takes at least 6 members to constitute a team):

- MASCOT (6 and under)
- ELEMENTARY (7-9 years on Aug. 31)
- INTERMEDIATE (10-12 years on Aug. 31)
- JUNIOR (13-15 on Aug. 31)

- SENIOR (16-18 on Aug. 31)

Public or Private Academic Elementary Schools
Will be divided off from All Star/Studio Teams to their own division

Junior High and Middle Schools:

High School Teams (based on team size that are currently enrolled on the school roster, excluding managers):
- EXTRA SMALL (4-15 members)
- SMALL TEAM (16-25 members)
- MEDIUM TEAM (26-35 members)
- LARGE TEAM (36-45 members)
- SUPER TEAM (46+ members) (if 3 or more teams of 55+, will add XL Division)
- ELITE (small specialized portion of your team, ex., Jazz Company, Kick Co., etc.)
- COLLEGE (Must be active on a college dance team)

High School team size cannot change within 7 days of the competition

• Music may be played on CD, iPod or MP3. If bringing a CD, please check your CD on our Music Check equipment to make sure it will read properly. We also ask that you bring a backup on another device, in case your CD does not read on our equipmenet. Please record only one song per CD. All of our equipment will have pitch control on CD's. However, we encourage you to burn your CD and performance tempo. If you plan to use an iPod or MP3, please have someone at the sound table to start and stop your music on cue from the announcer and do not leave the device with announcer. We will not be responsible for any lost music or devices. If using iPhone, please set on 'Airplane Mode' and turn off Bluetooth (if you have been practicing with your blue tooth speaker) so music is not interupted by text, call, or switch to your bluetooth speaker.


Teams will be evaluated from a Division III (points 70-79), Division II (points 80-89) and up to a Division I rating (Division I - 90-100 - being the highest) for each category entered. Each team will receive a trophy for their overall team rating for team events at regional contests. Scoresheets and audio/video judges critiques on USB flash drives will be included in your team packet and may be picked up following the awards ceremony.

A Sweepstakes will be awarded to teams entering a minimum of 3 team events and receiving a Division I in at least 3 different team events. Ensemble/Officer events may NOT be substituted for team events (for Sweepstakes). You may not enter two events in the same category.

Teams entered in at least 3 team categories, and receiving a 93 or above from each judge, will receive the coveted Gussie Nell Davis Award of Excellence. If you are competing in more than 3 team events, you must still earn 93's or above in all team events.

Best In Class teams will be awarded to those teams entering in at least 3 categories, scoring Division I ratings on all of their routines, and having at least 5 other groups entered in their division (Mascot, Elem, Int, Jr, Sr, JV, XSmall, Small, Medium, Large, Super, and Elite Team). The highest overall score will receive Best In Class and receive a unique award for your trophy case, in addition to a BEST IN CLASS banner for your gym or studio. (Highest total score of your top 3 scoring team events). At the Kansas Spectacular, the KSHSAA rules do not allow for a single winner in a category. Highest scoring teams will be recognized with a beautiful acrylic as "Kansas Winner's Circle." A beautiful acrylic will be awarded to the Best in Class team in each division.

Best of the Best awards will be presented at the end of the awards ceremony to the top teams in the competition, no matter what division. In 2017, we will be recognizing the Best of the Best Officers, in addition to the teams. All officer groups will be combined and top 3 will be recognized. The combined team score (top three team event scores) total will rank the top teams of the entire contest and a beautiful loving cup and a banner for your gym or studio will be awarded to these teams.

Judges Awards (including the Dr. Irving Dreibrodt Award for Military) will be awarded to teams that have earned at least an average of 93 and above from each judge in a given category.

Best Overall Awards will have a new look this year with a new and updated wood trophy. Officer groups and Team groups that score highest in the competition in the following areas of the score sheet will be recognized for Best Overall Precision, Best Overall Technique, Best Overall Presentation and Best Overall Choreography. Teams or Officers that receive one Best Overall will receive a Bronze Award, for two areas they will receive a Silver Award, for three areas will receive a Gold Award and for all four areas receive a Platinum Award.


2:30 minute time limit (w/15 sec. grace period).
Officer groups must consist of a portion of a team that are leaders for the group/team. Officer groups may perform ONE OR MORE routines of their choice (JAZZ, CONTEMPORARY, KICK, PROP, NOVELTY , LYRICAL, POM, MILITARY, MODERN, HIP HOP/FUNK, CONTEMPORARY, & OPEN (Folkloric, Tap, Ballet, Ballroom or a combination of 3 or more styles of dance). You may not enter two dances in the same category (ex., 2 officer poms). Those officer groups entering three or more routines are eligible to receive a SWEEPSTAKES award. (You may not enter more than one dance in the same category). Those that enter at least 3 events and receive 93's and above from every judge in every category, will receive the Gussie Nell Davis Award of Excellence.

Officer competition may be divided into school size classifications at larger contests provided there are at least 5 or more in each division.

Divisional ratings and Sweepstakes trophies will be awarded to each officer group at regional contests. The highest overall score will receive Best In Class Officers (highest total score of your top 3 events). Judges Awards will be given to the top scoring officers in each category at regional contests.

If less than five officer groups are entered into a category, an officer group must earn an average score of at least 93 to win that category.

Officer groups may wear team uniforms or costumes, but may not perform team routines in the officer categories.

Officers consist of the leaders of your team and are a portion of that team. Officers cannot be considered as a 'team' in team events if they are entered in officer events as officers.

Adjudicators may elect to award Judges Awards and/or Best Overall awards to officer groups. Groups must receive at least 93's or above from every judge to be eligible for Judges Awards at regional contests. (see above for new awards for Best Overall)

Scoresheets and audio/video judges critiques on USB flash drives will be included in your officer packet and may be picked up by the director following the awards ceremony. 


2 1/2  minute time limit.

DO NOT enter Team routines in the Ensemble category. Ensembles are "extra" routines and do not count towards team divisional ratings and do not earn team trophies.

Duets (2 performers), Small Ensembles (3-5 performers), Medium Ensembles (6-12 performers) and Large Ensembles (13-20 performers) can perform a routine of their choice. Duets and Ensembles must be numbered to be identified for scores/awards ceremony (ex., Duet #1, Duet #2, etc.). Ensembles are considered a portion of your team.

Duets and Ensembles may be divided by grade divisions for all star teams and team size for high school classifications at larger contests provided there are a minimum of 5 in that classification.

Individuals entering the ensemble category will earn Divisional ratings and receive cloisonne lapel pins.

Best In Class ensembles will receive special awards. If less than five ensembles are entered into a category, an ensemble must earn a score of at least 93 from every judge to win that category.

Ensembles may wear team uniforms or costumes, but will not be allowed to duplicate those routines used in team or officer categories. This year, the duets will go by the last name of each performer. Ensembles will go by a nickname (ex., "Jewels" or "Golden Girls", etc.) that will distinguish each ensemble from the others. This is how it will be listed on the schedule and announced at the awards ceremony.

SFA Dance Teams
American Collegiate Champions


The American Collegiate Championship in Denton will be open to COLLEGE TEAMS for competition and will be provided with a complimentary recruiting table, team photo in the program, list of all high schools and contact information for recruiting, link on our American Dance/Drill Team web site. Teams must submit a registration form and literature on their organization to be able to participate.

Teams interested in performing at any regional ADTS® Contests may contact the ADTS® office for further information.

Collegiate Divisions will be divided into the following areas: Division IA (Large College teams), Division I (Medium to Large colleges), Division II (Small Colleges), Division III (Jr Colleges), NAIA colleges. There are two divisions for Hip Hop Teams: Division I/IA, and Division II/III (will be divided if there are at least 4 per division). All college teams will be ranked and receive an award for their ranking. Top winners will receive a giant trophy, banner for their gym, and FREE Entry Fees for the following year. Starting in 2018, we will be dividing the collegiate competition into Team Performance/Open, Pom, Jazz, and Hip Hop.

College teams will compete on a Marley floor that is 40' long and 40' wide.

Teams will be evaluated by a scoresheet with a 100 point range.  Each team will receive an award for their national ranking.  Scoresheets and audio/video critiques on a USB drive will be included in your team packet and may be picked up following the awards ceremony

NO knee drops, basket tosses, or partner stunts allowed that could cause injury.  All inappropriate moves, music, costuming will receive unlimited penalties at the judges' discretion. The routine choreography should not be dominated by gymnastics.

Ensembles will be eligible to win an award for the American collegiate Champion.  All college ensembles will be combined and can earn a Collegiate Ensemble Championship with scores of 93 or better from each judge. 

Soloists who have graduated from high school and are active on a college dance team may compete in the Collegiate category of combined divisions. No soloists can compete if they are currently a member of a professional dance squad (ie: NBA or NFL or semi pro team dancers).

All collegiate solos will receive divisional ratings.  Solos receiving an overall Division I (100-90) or Division II (89-80) rating will receive medals with other divisional ratings receiving ribbons.  All will receive 2 scoresheets and judges audio/video critiques on USB flash drive.  Result packets may be picked up following the college awards ceremony. College solo winners will not dance again.

Prop or backdrop set up and removal is limited to 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off.

Director/Coach may be asked to show proof of eligibility (Copies of grade reports or an official document signed by the university)

No limit on number of performers in the team category.

Team Time Limits: 3 minute time limit for team dances with a minimum of 90 seconds.

Solo Time Limits: 2 minute time limit with 15 second grace period.  The soloists will be disqualified from finals if over time.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!

Ensemble/DUET Time Limits: 2 1/2  minute time limit  for ensembles that are divided into duets (2 performers), small (3 to 5 performers), medium (6-12 performers), or  large (13-20 performers) ensembles. Any routine over 2:45 will be penalized.

National Academic Champions: at no entry fee, each team can submit their team overal GPA to be eligible for National Academic Champions. Winners will receive a banner and award.


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