We have given a brief description of the awards so that you and your team will better understand Nationals and Internationals, and have a more positive experience.

DR. IRVING DREIBRODT AWARD--The team(s) with the highest total score from all three judges in the Military category will receive this award.

NATIONAL CHAMPIONS (categories)--In individual categories for team events (ex. Jazz, Kick, Prop, etc.), the highest scoring routine will be awarded National Champions (must receive 93's or above from each judge). Runners up will also be named in categories with at least 3 or more groups. Member companies of the National Council of Dance no longer offer Sweepstakes trophies, but each team will receive a special Nationals plaque in their results sack as a momento of this great event.

INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONS (categories)--U.S. teams wishing to have their category scores counted again in the International division, will be grouped with other teams entered in international. There are no team size nor age/grade divisions, as all International teams are in one combined division. In individual categories for team events (ex. Jazz, Kick, Prop, etc.), the highest scoring routine will be awarded International Champions and runners up.

OVERALL NATIONAL CHAMPIONS -- The highest score in each division will be awarded to the duets, ensembles, Officers, and Teams. Routines must have earned at least 93's and above from every judge in each category (must enter 3 team categories).

OVERALL INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONS -- The teams that are entered in the International division, will all be ranked and receive special awards for their rankings. There is an additional fee of $250 for all scores that are competed in Nationals, to count toward the International division.

SOLOS--will be evaluated and given Divisional ratings. Those solos receiving a Division I will receive a gold medal; Division II ratings will receive a silver medal in their competing division. The solo finalists will be announced prior to the end of the contest and will appear at the awards ceremony in their solo costume to accept their awards.  The national solo winners will perform their winning solo routines, at the beginning of the Awards Ceremony. College solo winner will not dance at the college awards.

NATIONAL ACADEMIC CHAMPIONS--Each team entered in team events could submit to our office a verified list of team members and their current Grade Point Average.  The highest GPA in Elementary, Junior, and High School will be awarded the Curtain Call National Academic Championship.

AMERICAN OUTSTANDING TEAM-- Each team will cast their ballot for the Outstanding Team of the contest at all regional and National American Dance/Drill Team competitions. 

OUTSTANDING DIRECTOR-- Each team will cast their ballot for the Outstanding Director of the contest sponsored by the official travel agency for all American Dance/Drill Team events. 

BIOGIME SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD-- Each team will cast their ballot (find in the directors' packet) near the end of the day for the team they feel deserves to be named the Biogime Sportsmanship Award.

HAPPY FEET MISS AMERICA HIGH KICK-- Individuals who have qualified as Kick Company from one of the American Summer Camps, or One Day Dance Intensives, may participate in the Kick Off for All American Kick Company and Happy Feet Miss High Kick awards and will advance to Round 2. Those individuals that have not qualified at an American event, will participate starting in Round 1. All pre-lims are Friday evening and the finalists will kick again and be awarded at the awards ceremony on Saturday evening.


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