Admission Fees/VIP Passes:

  • Friday - Regional contests running Friday and Saturday will incur a $5.00 per person admission fee on Friday night.
  • Saturday - An $10 per person admission fee will be charged to the general public at the door of all Regional contests for Saturday events (children 4 and under and adults 65 and older are admitted free). 
  • Nationals - All spectators $10 for Friday and $15 for Saturday
  • VIP Passes - Each team will receive 3 VIP passes for booster club officers or administrators at the registration table. One director and one assistant director will receive badges. These two names must be listed on the registration form. No VIP passes for solo/ensemble entries only. VIP passes are good for both days of a two day event.

    There are no two day passes sold. Friday/Saturday admissions must be purchased separately.

  • A preliminary schedule will be e-mailed to the director ten days prior to the contest. An updated schedule will be posted at the web site the Monday prior to the event.
  • Please remember that the schedule may run as much as 30 minutes ahead or behind. Please listen carefully throughout the day for changes that might be made as per director requests. 
  • Paying spectators will receive a schedule upon arrival to the contest site.
  • It is important to be on time to report for each scheduled performance. If for any reason that you will be late for your performance, please report to the announcer in the specified area. If another area is running behind, your performance will be rescheduled. If for any reason that a team is abusing the timeliness of the schedule, American Dance/Drill Team® reserves the right to penalize that team or performance.

Maps/Contest Day Information:

  • Please visit our web site for complete contest maps and directions. 
  • Mapquest is a great resource for contest location directions.

Food and Drinks:

  • No outside coolers or food may be brought inside to any contest site. No exceptions.
  • No food will be allowed in the dressing areas. Only bottled water allowed brought inside their dance bags.  No coolers allowed.
  • Team members and spectators may eat in designated areas or outside.
  • Contest sites will have dressing room monitors on hand. 
  • Teams will be held responsible for any damages done to school or facility property.
  • Each facility has their own policies about food in the spectator seating areas.

Dressing Rooms:

  • Teams will be required to follow specific guidelines in the dressing areas. 
  • Please extend courtesy to other teams and share space. No sectioning off ballrooms or dressing room space.
  • Under no circumstance will men be allowed in any of the female dressing areas. There will be designated dressing areas for male performers. Please make sure to notify the office in advance if you have male dancers.
  • Teams will be responsible for any damages done to school or facility property.

Spectator Viewing and Courtesy:

  • No saved seating in parent/spectator area. 
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.
  • As a courtesy to the judges, performers and other spectators, please do not stand, enter or exit the performance area while a performance is taking place.
  • Parents and spectators will be seated on the main viewing side. Dance team participants should be seated on the opposite side of the performance area or where designated.


  • Cathy Wheat Productions will be our provider for professional taping at most contests this year (see the video camera icon on contest date list).  Please see a representative in the foyer or concourse area to order your contest video.
  • Spectators are welcome to bring their own video equipment, but will not be allowed to plug in to electrical outlets nor use tripods due to safety and liability reasons. If you are using cords you will be asked to remove them.
  • You must place your order for your DVD from Cathy Wheat Productions prior to the awards ceremony. No orders can be placed after the contest is over.

Action Photography:

  • PhotoGriffy will be taking action shots at many contest sites (see the camera icon on the contest date list). You must make an appointment, in advance of your dancer's performance, in order to have them take the action shots. There will be almost 100 photos taken in a single performance and you can pick up the CD at the end of the day and take home these photos to print and use as you please.


T-shirts and Patches:

  • American Dance/Drill Team® will have new t-shirts and patches available for purchase at each contest. 
  • T-shirts are $10 and patches are $5 or you can pick up an Order Form from the ADTS® store.
  • Pick up a patch order form at the ADTS® store so that you can check off the awards at the awards ceremony.
  • Patches may be ordered by printing the online form at our web site. Patch Order Form

Lost and Found:

  • Most lost and found items are brought to the main sound area or the contest site office. Please turn in items that do not belong to you. 
  • American Dance/Drill Team® will not be held responsible for any lost items.


  • Results will be announced at the conclusion of all events and will be called out in random order. The results will be posted on the web site within minutes after the awards ceremony has concluded. For a detailed contest awards explanation, please visit the contest awards page for more information.
  • Results for most contests will be posted on the American Dance/Drill Team® web site approximately 1 hour (or less) following the awards ceremony. 

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Dancewear models and cosutmes courtesy of Creations by Cicci