• An $10 per person will be charged to the general public at the door of all regional contests on Saturday (children 4 and under or 65 and older are admitted free). Friday admission fees is $5 per person. Team members and managers will be admitted free as as long as they are in a team warmup or official team shirt to identify them. Any managers or escorts that are not in identifiable attire, will have to pay admission. At Nationals, Friday fees for all spectators is $10 and $15 for Saturday.

  • Each team will receive 3 VIP passes for booster club officers or administrators at the registration table. One director and one assistant director will receive badges. These two names must be listed on the registration form.

  • Parents and spectators will be seated on the main viewing side/lower level. Dance team participants should be seated on the main viewing side/upper level. (Except at Nationals)

  • Appropriate costumes or uniforms may be worn for any of the competitions. Soft soled shoes must be worn for all parts of the competition. NO HARD-SOLED BOOTS OR SHOES (unless approved through the ADTS® office).

    • Music may be played on CD, iPod or MP3. If bringing a CD, please check your CD in our Music Check equipment to make sure it will read properly. We also ask that you bring a backup on another device, in case your CD does not read on our equipmenet. Please record only one song per CD. All of our equipment will have pitch control on CD's. However, we encourage you to burn your CD and performance tempo. If you plan to use an iPod or MP3, please have someone at the sound table to start and stop your music on cue from the announcer and do not leave the device with announcer. If you have practiced with a bluetooth speaker prior to your performance, either turn off the speaker or turn off bluetooth so your device will not lose connection to our system. We will not be responsible for any lost music or devices. If using iPhone, please set on 'Airplane Mode' so music is not interupted by text or call.

  • Contest confirmations will be emailed upon receipt of your registration. The directors will receive a preliminary schedule by email about 10-12 days in advance of the contest. Please list your e-mail address on your registration so that the schedule will be sent to the proper address. Please contact our office with any changes no later than noon on the Monday the week of the competition so that we can send the schedule to the printer and posst on our web site.

  • No food or drinks will be allowed to be brought in at contest site. No food or drinks in dressing areas. Teams will be responsible for any damages.

  • Tailgating is allowed at Nationals on the UNT campus by advance reservation. Most high school campuses have district policies that do not allow for grilling or any open flames on their campus.
  • Still photography along with personal videos are allowed at our events. However, we cannot allow any tripods to be set up in an aisle, walkway or on the floor as it is a liability. Most contest sites will also offer professional action photography will no longer be able to offer a videographer to sell photos/DVD's of the contest due to music copyright laws.
  • The ADTS® office will be closed on Fridays, so please call by Thursday if you have questions regarding a contest. 

  • American Dance/Drill Team® will have new t-shirts and patches available for purchase at each contest. T -shirts are $10 and patches are $5 or use the order form in this handbook.

  • All props that touch the floor must be padded properly or they will not be allowed on the floor for performance. Teams will be held responsible for any damage done to the floor. Directors may be asked to sign a contract or agreement with host facility. All backdrops, staging and props must be able to fit through a 7 foot door with the center bar out.

    • If your team must depart the contest prior to the Awards Ceremony, please inform the Contest Administrator so we may gather and present your Awards and contest results to you and your team.

Team Competition will be divided into the following areas provided there are at least five teams entering each division. High school private teams may be separated if a minimum of 5 teams are registered in team events. High School team size cannot change within 7 days of the competition.

All Star and Studio Teams (see new age divisions that are comparable to USASF; it takes at least 6 members to constitute a team):
- MASCOT (6 and under)
- ELEMENTARY (7-9 years on Aug. 31)
- INTERMEDIATE (10-12 years on Aug. 31)
- JUNIOR (13-15 on Aug. 31)

- SENIOR (16-18 on Aug. 31)

Elementary Public and Private Academic Schools will be separated from All Star/Studio

Junior High and Middle Schools:

High School Teams (based on team size that are currently enrolled on the school roster, excluding managers):
HIGH SCHOOL PRIVATE TEAM (high school age up to 20 yrs. old)
- EXTRA SMALL (4-15 members)
- SMALL TEAM (16-25 members)
- MEDIUM TEAM (26-35 members)
- LARGE TEAM (36-45 members)
- SUPER TEAM (46+ members) (if 3 or more teams of 55+, will add XL Division)
- ELITE (small specialized portion of your team, ex., Jazz Company, Kick Co., etc.)
- COLLEGE (Must be active on a college dance team)

High School team size cannot change within 7 days of the competition.

  • ADTS® will not ship awards nor result packets. Directors must pick these up prior to leaving the event. If for any reason that you must leave the contest before the awards ceremony, please see the contest administrator and make arrangements to pick up your awards and results before you depart.

  • Solo time limit = 2 minutes (with a 15 sec. grace period). If solo exceeds 2:15 the soloist will be disqualified. Ensemble time limit = 2:30 minutes (with 15 second grace); Officer routine time limit = 2:30 minutes (with 15 second grace); Team routine time limit = 4 minutes for set up, performance, and exit; Open and Novelty category time limit = up to 5 minutes for setup, performance, and breakdown. Show Production category= up to 10 minutes for setup, performance, and breakdown.

  • If a routine is mis-entered in a category, that routine may not be eligible for Judges Awards. See ROUTINE DESCRIPTIONS. If you have questions concerning this matter please do not hesitate to contact the ADTS® office.

  • DO NOT enter Team Routines in the Ensemble category. Ensembles should be considered "extra" routines that are a portion of your team and not your primary competition routines. Your team will NOT receive the proper team recognition nor a team trophy if entered in the Ensemble category.

  • We offer the Elite division for teams that wish to compete their specialty groups that represent less than 70% of your team. This could be your Hip Hop crew, your Kick Company, your Jazz Company, etc.
  • Unlimited penalties, at the judges discretion, will be issued for teams using inappropriate moves, music containing bad language or inappropriate costuming, or subject content.

  • Contest Results will be posted online at our website immediately after the awards ceremony.

  • This year there will be more events scheduled on Friday at our 2 day contests. Please take advantage of this great opportunity so that Saturday events can conclude earlier.

  • It is important to be on time to report for each scheduled performance. If for any reason that you will be late, please report to the announcer in the specified area. If another area is running behind, your performance will be rescheduled. If for any reason that a team is abusing the timeliness of the schedule, American Dance/Drill Team® reserves the right to penalize that team or performance.

  • The deadline for entries is 3 weeks prior to the contest date. Any entries received after that date will be entered only if there is space available. Please pre-register online or email your entry form prior to the 3 week deadline even if you are waiting on a school/booster club check. Entry fees will be applied to your balance when the check is received. All entry fees must be paid prior to the contest date. Any cancellations or drops from the schedule within 7 days of the competition will be issued no refunds or credits.

  • If soloists names cannot be confirmed when submitting entry, they may be added at a later date. Receipts will be issued upon request through the ADTS® office. No receipts will be issued on site.

  • If you are not paid prior to the contest date, your team will not be allowed to perform. No registration will be taken at the contest site. Any team with outstanding invoices or uncollected funds will not be placed on the schedule until entry fees have been cleared.

    Register and Pay by December 1st and receive a 10% discount on your fees. (Not applicable to PayPal payments)

  • There will be no refunds issued for cancellations for contest. We will offer credit towards merchandise, other ADTS® contests or ADTS® camps. You must be issued a credit voucher through ADTS® to receive credit. Any cancellations or drops from the schedule within 7 days of the competition will be issued no refunds or credits.

  • Please inform the parents that there is no saved seating in spectators area and that unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.

  • Credits -If you are submitting credits to be applied towards your contest balance, they must accompany your entry form prior to the contest date in order to be credited to your account.

  • ADTS® uses only the top adjudicators for dance and dance/drill team. They have each qualified themselves to be experts in their respective areas and most will hold a degree in dance education. The contest administrators go through an annual training course in order to maximize efficiency and fairness in each contest. A head judge is assigned to ensure that there is continuity to scores.


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