We have given a brief description of the awards so that you and your team will better understand our contest and have a more positive experience. For an explanation of the Nationals Awards, click here.

DIVISION RATING/SWEEPSTAKES--Teams may seek to earn Divisional ratings (I, II, III) on their routines and are competing against themselves and a scoresheet. The judges will give consideration to age, team/school size and ability level along with execution, precision, choreography and presentation of the routine. Teams entered in at least three categories and receiving Division I ratings (90 or above) in each routine, will receive a SWEEPSTAKES AWARD. Teams MUST enter at least 3 team events in the same division to be eligible for Sweepstakes, Gussie Nell Davis Award, Best Overalls and Best in Class. Each team entered in a team category will receive a large trophy, no matter what their rating. *The judges will be making oral comments on USB flash drives that will include the video of the performance, as well as numerical scores on our score sheets. Constructive comments and positive reinforcement will be given to each team to support the numerical scores.

SWEEPSTAKES awards are awarded at Regional and State contests. No sweepstakes will be awarded at Nationals.

GUSSIE NELL DAVIS AWARD OF EXCELLENCE--Teams and officers receiving a 93 or above (in each of 3 or more team routines) from each judge will receive this prestigious award in addition to their Sweepstakes trophy. You must be entered in at least 3 team categories to be eligible. Gussie Nell Davis Award is awarded at Regional, State and National/Internatioanl contests.

DR. IRVING DREIBRODT AWARD--The team(s) with the highest total score from all three judges in the Military category will receive this prestigious award.

JUDGES AWARDS--are given based on scores in the following categories for both team and officers: Jazz, Kick, Prop, Pom, Novelty, Lyrical, Contemporary, Modern, Hip Hop, Military, Show Production, and Open. In categories where there may be a large number of teams, judges may award more than one Judges Award. Awards are only given if there is a strong presentation in the category and must have a minimum score of 93 or above from every judge in the category.

DUETS, SMALL, MEDIUM & LARGE ENSEMBLES--Duets (2 performers), Small Ensembles (3-5 performers), Medium Ensembles (6-12 performers) and Large Ensembles (13-20 performers) will receive ratings for their routines, and each student will receive a ribbon for their rating. The top scoring duet, small ensemble, medium ensemble, and/or large ensemble will each receive a group award and be considered 'BEST IN CLASS' of the contest. 2 1/2 time limit for routines. Over 2:45 will be penalized.

OFFICERS--may choose to perform in one or more of the following categories of their choice (jazz, kick, pom, military, lyrical, novelty, prop, modern, contemporary, hip hop, or open). Officers choosing to do three or more routines will be eligible to receive an Officers Sweepstakes Award. Those officer groups choosing to participate in only one or two events will receive a divisional rating and will receive a trophy. 2:45 time limit for routines. Over 3:15 will be penalized.

The highest scoring officer group, cumulative from their three top scoring events, will be recognized as BEST IN CLASS of the contest in their division, if there are at least five junior officer groups represented. Those officer groups attending with their team will not be allowed to perform the same routine in the Officer Division as performed in the Team Division. Adjudicators may elect to award Judges Awards and Best Overall Awards in officer categories/divisions.

Sweepstakes officers will be awarded at Regionals and State, but not Nationals.

GUSSIE NELL DAVIS AWARD OF EXCELLENCE OFFICERS--Officer groups receiving a 93 or above from every judge in all events (minimum of three events) will receive the Officers Award of Excellence.  

BEST OVERALL AWARDS-- Best Overall Awards will have a new look this year with a new and updated wood trophy. Officer groups and Team groups that score highest in the competition in the following areas of the score sheet will be recognized for Best Overall Precision, Best Overall Technique, Best Overall Presentation and Best Overall Choreography. Teams or Officers that receive one Best Overall will receive a Bronze Award, for two areas they will receive a Silver Award, for three areas will receive a Gold Award and for all four areas receive a Platinum Award. Teams must have entered at least 3 or more team events or, 3 or more officer events to be eligible for these awards. These awards are not given at Nationals.

SOLOS--will be evaluated and given Divisional ratings. Those solos receiving a Division I will receive a medal/pin; Division II ratings will receive a ribbon. Winners and runners up will receive special awards. If there are at least five soloists per group, winners and runners up will be awarded in Mascot, Elementary, Intermediate, Jr. Private, Middle School, Jr. Varsity, Sr. Private Team, HS X-Small Team, HS Small Team, HS Medium Team, HS Large Team, and HS Super Team. For the Kansas Spectacular, top scoring soloists will be recognized as Winners Circle and receive an olympic style medal.

BEST IN CLASS TEAMS and OFFICERS --are considered the top winners of the contest. These teams and officers will have their three highest team or three highest officer event scores added together and the highest score will be awarded in each division provided there are at least 3 teams in each division. In 2017, groups will not only earn a unique award for your trophy case but also a banner for your gym or studio. *Kansas- Winners Circle for top scoring teams. All teams must receive at least 93's and above from every judge to earn this title. At Nationals, the highest scoring and ranked teams and officers will be named NATIONAL CHAMPIONS in their classifications.

BEST of the BEST TEAMS and OFFICERS --All teams in the competition (competing at least 3 or more Team events), as well as all Officer groups entered in at least 3 events, will be compiled into one group (including all groups competing at least three team/officer events) and the top scoring teams and top scoring officers will be ranked and receive a beautiful loving cup award. The highest scoring team and highest scoring officers in the competition will receive a banner for their school/studio.

ACADEMIC CHAMPIONS--Those teams entering at least 3 team events and submitting their teams overall GPA prior to the contest are eligible to be Academic Champions for that particular contest. There is no fee for entering American Academic Champions. Please include GPA from previous 6 weeks or 9 weeks grading period. This is due the MONDAY PRIOR to the contest entering. These grades must be noted on a 4.0 grade scale and weighted if in AP classes. All entries must be either signed by the counselor or emailed to us directly from the school counselor.

--For Show Production, if you are only using team members that are on your varsity team roster in the production, it can be counted as one of your team events. If you choose to combine your team with a JV or other groups at school or in your studio, the routine will be separated off and named as ex., "Columbia HS Rosettes Combined," and the scores will be as if it is a separate team. It will still be eligible for awards but not count towards your primary team events since it includes performers outside of your team.

Texas Motion Sports Wow Factor Award--In 2015, we are proud to add the Wow Factor Award sponsored by Texas Motion Sports. This award will be selected by the judges during the contest day for a few of the routines that had great audience appeal. It will not be selected based on scores but on entertainment value. It can be an ensemble, officer, duet, or team routine. The winners will be asked to perform the routine again prior to the awards ceremony. Winning directors will be notified by text as soon as the judges have selected their routine so that costumes can be set aside to change.

getpoms.com Giving Back Award--In 2016, we proudly added the Giving Back Award, sponsored by Get Poms. Teams may submit their special community service projects to our web site to be considered for this special award. We are proud to honor those teams that do great work in giving back to their communities.


AWARDS CEREMONY --All team, officer, etc., awards will be called in random order and not by rank of low to high. This will allow for some suspense in the final results. We ask for solo finalists to be in their costumes for the awards ceremony and turn in music at the sound table. Only the winner in each division will dance again for the audience. Solo finalists are not re-judged.

Results packets may be picked up after Awards Ceremony.

If you must leave early, please make sure to notify the contest administrator and we will arrange to have your awards and results available for you before you leave. We cannot mail trophies nor awards.


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Dancewear models and cosutmes courtesy of Creations by Cicci